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'06 / '07 GS Skis - Stockli and Atomic

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I'm considering buying an older GS ski for fanging around the hill in the mornings. Two options have presented; the '07 Atomic Race GS 12 (183cm - described as FIS approved, if that narrows things down) and the '07 Stockli GS World Cup (182cm).


I'm not looking to race the skis at all - just free ski at an enthusiastic clip.  I'm 6'3" and 210lbs, so I'll have no problem flexing such a (relatively short, for me) ski, and that's essentially what I'm looking for - a recreational GS ski.


I'm leaning toward the Atomic, based on a number of reviews that highlight it's versatility, and the fact that it seems to be in fantastic (used) shape.  There's not so much information  to be found on the Stockli, however, but it too seems to be in great (used) shape.


Does anyone have experience between these two - or at least between these two brands in a more general sense?



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Haven't been on Stockli, but I've heard a lot about how well they work for lighter skiers.  Based on that, I would say go with Atomic at your weight.


Why so short?   If your hill has more than 250' vertical and you're not trying to make gates that are offset to test the skill of 27-m radius ski pilots and separate the field, go long.

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Well ... my rooftop box maxes out at about 187cm, and if I can't find a ski that works for me under that I'm happy to do without.


I'm not really looking to test any limits, just have some fun on a racier ski than my current crop.  They'll really be for the first couple of hours before the hill gets crowded (and it gets crowded enough for fast GS turns to become a little antisocial).  For free skiing a bit more sidecut won't go astray. 


With a little more poking around I found an old review by Dawg comparing Atomic and Stockli GS skis from about that time which confirmed what I'd read about the Atomic - it's a versatile tool that would be no problem to free ski.  On the other hand Dawg found the Stockli to be a more demanding beast which required him to be 100% on his game, and it wore him out after a few runs.  Even though I have a bit more heft I prefer the sound of the Atomic.



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Stockli makes two versions of their GS ski.  The FIS model is exactly what is raced on the WC.  It is heavier (more titinal) and designed to ski at one speed-too fast (when other skiers are present). The regular model is more suitable for free skiing and should not tire you out.  In fact, I once saw a video of Joey Cordeau skiing bumps on what appeared to be a pair of Stockli GS!  I have skied both the Atomic and Stockli.  Both are high quality skis. Stockli is known for being very well built.

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