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OK guys and gals, I have gotten some CHM volkls again

190, 180, 165 are all avail

Price reflects the condition of the ski. More money = ski in better shape.
$250 pair for the best
$100 for the worst
$50 more if you want bindings (S900 red/silver demos with DIN 4-12, movable toe and heel)
skis are drilled only once for this binding
shipping is $20 ski only or $30 with bindings within Canada or to the lower 48. I'll ship worldwide you just cover the extra cost or pick them up in Banff, Alberta sometime.

The skis are from the past few seasons and are all the same dimensions within a 1/2 mm
flex is med to stiff bit stiffer than a G4 and all have wood core.
Some are the older 00 "explosive" top sheet and a taller, non capped tip.
Some are 01 vertigo top sheet
some are 02 "explosive" top sheet
and a few have the wizard V slash on the base and a "explosive" top sheet

most have miss matched serial numbers and the cheaper ones have had some tail delaminations repaired (again cheaper = worse shape) or have had some base repairs done to them. The older ones have had more days on them and again = less money. Also please remember that they are used skis and are THROWN in and out of the heli basket 10 times a day for a 70 day season, but skied just in powder so the top sheets are a bit (or on the older ones a lot) scratched, but the bases are great. Some people from the skiing Mecca of Tennessee and Hawaii didn't understand this last year.

Ya get what ya pay for.

I also have 150, & 165 Atomic powder plus $150/pair with S850 (3 - 10 DIN)

Some trashed 165 atomics for $50 ski only

170 & 180 Atomic deep powder $225 ski only

195 Iggy mid fat GS $200

same deal with shipping and bindings for the atomics/iggys

This link shows me feedback if you are concered about sending some stranger money for skis that you have never heard of before.;f=3;t=001444