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Lange RS 130 wide 28.5 or 29

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Hi all,

what size should I go 28.5 or 29 (cheaper smile.gif). Foot size is 285mm x 100mm. Thanks !

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you shouldn't need to go bigger than 28.5, you can probably go smaller/ narrower.

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28 shell might work,  maybe even 27 shell, but odds are narrower (so what whiteroom said)


the width of a boot, is based on a 26 shell.   so a 100mm wide foot, that is 23 long, is VERY wide, but a 100mm wide foot, that is 29 long is VERY narrow...

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My apologizes. My foot size is 285x110mm – quite wide I think.

I had very bad experience with Lange Supercomp 27.5. Initially they where too short and too narrow.

I bought them, following  the advises from the experts – I removed inner boot and my foot has plenty of space around – 10mm front/back (without pressure).  Plus thin liner – I decided It’s my boot ! But in reality – pain and unconscious feet.   I did not give up -  I modified them here - http://www.ertl-renz.de,  - the bootfitter said – “we can try, but the boots are too small for you”. The result was ok for width, but still too short – constant pain in the toes.

Anyway – for Lange 28, and 28,5 have the same shell – correct ? - the same for 29 and 29.5 ?

Does anyone have copy of Lange’s original foot measure gauge (but not size chart – I have almost 5 with different numbers - +/- 1cm). Thanks !

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the supercomp was a 97mm (or 92mm) last with a pointy toe box, the RS wide has much more volume in the forefoot and is a bit longer to size so don't write off the smaller size without trying it....


other things that could affect how small the boot felt are sock, footbeds, biomechanics,


if you had 10mm in the supercomp then you will have 12mm possibly more in the RS, going up a size will give you 22mm + which is just too big especially for a boot of that performance.... a bigger boot is an easy sale as there will be less work to do and it will feel better out the box, is it better to ski in.... unlikely but it is your feet and you have to work with the fitter to make it work

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