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I just found a message from Andy Wirth in my inbox.  This quotation seemed interesting:


It’s clear that the ski team program hasn’t been a top priority for the Squaw Valley organization in the past, however, these are transformative times and I assure you that not only will our organization be focused on the enhancement of every facet of the SVST, but we are setting the goal to be irrefutably the best program in the United States within three years.


I wonder what the background behind this is.  My involvement with the ski team is limited to one season of Mighty Mites, with which I've been quite satisfied.  I wonder if they're just providing cover for the fee increase.


Depending on how serious they are, do you think the freestyle team will stay separate from the Ski Corp?


I'd be interested in hearing from some folks who have more time under their belts about what's really going on and what has been lacking.  As far as I can see, they're headed in a more serious direction.  One thing I think might be lacking is actually a less-serious "team" option for the older kids.