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Haines, AK

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hello boys and girls,
I leave the next winter to Haines, because this year in the french alpes there was not of snow and Alaska for all the riders is the dream.
I will want to know the good period to go there, I think that it is February, March, April ! if you have informations for live in haines, like renting a room for three months!
and for the ski touring it a good spot, for example by bad weather you can sking in the forest?
Thank's for yours informations ,
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Don't know much about living there, but you can check out my trip report.  Post # 17 on this link:





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thank you for this report I want said go now, but the next winter ggrrr should be awaited.
If you can has others infos and to communicate them to me it is cool mercy 4ster has soon.
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