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Kirkwood was good yesterday..7:30 til 10!  Today is too hot in the foothills to think about skiing.

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Fri July 1st: Poop Chute sunset lap on Donner Pass

Sat July 2nd: Alpine Meadows

Sun July 3rd: Squaw

Mon July 4th: Donner Ski Ranch/Sugarbowl/Alpine Meadows/Squaw (yeah, a 4peat for the Fourth).


Snow was pretty damn bueno all 4 days, but I'd have to say that Sat and Sun were the best of the bunch, in terms of conditions. DSR gets crazy mad props for running Chair 2 (their backside) and for the owner hauling folks up to the chair in the back of his pick-up (he also let you drive your own 4X4 up the mountain, which I did). 

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Nice work Dookey!


& happy 4th everyone!

Jameson Fireworks 049.JPG

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Went to Gold Pass and found some enjoyable skiing yesterday. Ah the never ending ski season.
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Originally Posted by teledance View Post

Went to Gold Pass and found some enjoyable skiing yesterday. Ah the never ending ski season.

Right on! Where's Gold Pass?


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lovin' the fact that you are out there getting it all till the last flake returns to begin the cycle again....  Cheers!

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Phil went up to ski with Dookey today.....anxious to hear about it!


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Haven't skied since March.  I'm jealous.

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I'm proud to report that Phil survived the day with Dookey skiing a few lines above, as well as, the Poop Chute.  

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Spknmike, Gold Pass is between St. Regis and Avery, should have gotten to it earlier. The goods were on Summit Springs dropping the N shots, unfortunately we took the long way to what was close skiing.I will say Flat Top Mtn. is aptly named it has some nice east shots but no snow at this time on those slopes, should have hit it when it was freshly plowed with 13'.
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Logan Pass, July 16


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Jewel Basin, July 17




More from Logan Pass







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Originally Posted by cloudcult View Post

Logan Pass, July 16



Pretty amazing to see frozen lakes & that much snow in the middle of July!


We got a few laps out in the Sierra on the Nipple off of Blue Lakes Rd. today.

The Nipple 067.JPG


Getting patchy, but  still skiing

The Nipple 049.JPG


Lost Lakes July 18th






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Headed over to KSL's latest acquistion this afternoon and had a fun run down Our Father with the kids.


Our Father_1.jpg

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Here's a picture of Mt Shasta from yesterday. The east side is still in phenomenal shape for this time of year.


July26, Shasta.jpg

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Hiked a ridge to looker's left of "The Patches" out Forestdale Divide way on Thursday, July 28 with Stev. Knocked out 3 runs with an 8 turn, 10 turn, and 22 turn count. Snow was Sweet Sierra Soft Serve.


Hiked up to Folger Peak with Stev on Friday, July 29. We skied from about 100 feet under the top of Folger through a chute and into a bowl. The snow was wonky, super sun-cupped, and easily the worst we've skied all Spring/Summer whilst hiking for turns. Not to be daunted, we hit up 3 more lines on the hike out (I actually squeezed out a 4th) and the snow at lower elevation was SSSS through and through. In fact the whole area is holding snow better at the lower elevations than up higher, which is strange for this time of year. Lottsa nice pockets of sweet pitches to be garnered if you're into some hiking (best hike/turn ratio was a 10 turn patch that took me a total of 8 minutes to hike and ski).  


Boo yaa!

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Boo ya back to ya! icon14.gif

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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

Boo ya back to ya! icon14.gif

Anyone up for skiing Tues/Wed or Thurs this coming week? I want to get my August turns in.

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Great pictures cloudcult of Logan Pass.  


My sis used to live in Logan Ut then in Takoma Pk Md

& now in La Grande OR.  She did a lot of XC skiing on Logan pass.


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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Anyone up for skiing Tues/Wed or Thurs this coming week? I want to get my August turns in.

I am tempted, but don't think I can pull it off this week.  Thursday would be it for me if something changes.



Did you get the pics I sent from Forestdale?




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Stev and I trekked out to Mt. Lola late today. We arrived there about 3 p.m. and immediately bounced up my "secret" road to hit the ridge, which is holding nicely right now. However, about 1/2 way up the road we discovered that the Jan Michael Vincent Danger Bridge was obstructed by a log, which, although somebody had cut, they hadn't cut enough of it to allow my Taco Mama to squeeze by without rolling into the river. Stev and I pondered the crossing for a bit too long before erring on the side of caution and backing out and down the road. Determined to get our turns in for all the trouble, we continued out on the main road through Jackson Meadows and then took some unmarked roads in an effort to follow all the snow we kept glimpsing on faraway ridges. After much trial and error and surfing through deep mud puddles and over lingering snow berms, we ended up in a lush meadow at the foot of a sweet 6 chute ridge line. We skied 3 of the 6 chutes, due to the lateness in the day (we didn't conclude our venture until after 8 p.m.). The snow was a hit & miss selection of sun cupped and runneled wonk and meandering bouts of Sierra Soft Serve. Still, the entirety of the adventure was mas bueno.

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Still some 800 vertical foot patches around Sonora Pass available.



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It won't be more than a couple weeks till night time temps start to fall below freezing again, amazing!  Might be an early season if we get some decent snow. It should adhere and accumulate on some of this snowpack,

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this has been a fantastic year! skied three days last week. not because i wanted august turns, but because it was damn fun and good. i will be out again before the month ends too.

some pics

august 19 at carson pass (greg). that's round top lake at the bottom, caples lake to the left, and tahoe in the background


plus the hike is astounding currently



full tr here



fast forward to 8/22 at highland lakes

pulled into camp in the early evening and a large snowfield with very easy access was glowing in the sun. a short hike later and my daughter was shooting this from the camp site.



went to bed dreaming of the next turn



what turn



skiing is fun









full tr from highland lakes here



can't wait to get back out, although i have to wait at least until the boots dry.



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Great shots DoP.  The wildflowers are going off!


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went back out there today with jasmyn and skylyn. they're done for the year now i think. i'm not

they had the fun though.






more pics to follow


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^^^^^ That's Awesome!!


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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

^^^^^ That's Awesome!!

+1  yahoo.gif

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If I'm not mistaken, that is SkiNurse and RacheV, accompanied by Segbrown!


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