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Argentina Season 2011 & Chilean Volcano

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I just arrived in Buenos Aires after a 15 hr trip from Miami, thats right 15 hrs, usually its 8:30 hrs, We had to land in Uruguay bcus of Chilean volcanic ash over BA Airport.


I'm supposed to ski down here 1st week of Aug but now I dont know if thats going to happen.  Anybody have news on how much ash is being dumped on Las Lenas or Bariloche ?  I fear this season could be a bust. :(


Can you ski Vancouver in July or August ?

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I'd be interested in a report as well.  We're scheduled to ski in Portillo from Aug 6-13.


Anybody know how this is affecting any of the ski resorts?


Good luck, HUBBSTER.

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Unless the wind changes dramatically, northern resorts like Portillo and Las Lenas should be ok.    It's southern resorts like Bariloche that are  hosed!

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We have a property management company, Bariloche Vacation Rental. I'll keep the board posted on what's going on. 

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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post

I'd be interested in a report as well. We're scheduled to ski in Portillo from Aug 6-13.

Anybody know how this is affecting any of the ski resorts?

Good luck, HUBBSTER.

. I wonder if Robin Barnes could give an update. Mike flew down to Portillo a week ago and she was heading down to meet him sometime soon.
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Well if South America gets ashed-out, you could always try NZ or Oz.  1991 was an epic year here following Pinatubo blowing it's top, so hopefully Puyehue will give this winter a good kick along.

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I have some friends in Bariloche, Mendoza, & Chile so I'll be keeping a watch on it.  I'll be down in BA in late July anyways.


Any skiing in Vancouver or Whistler in Aug ? I havent skii'd there yet

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Originally Posted by HUBBSTER View Post

Any skiing in Vancouver or Whistler in Aug ?

Whistler will still have skiing in August.  But if your not in a camp, it's kind of limited.  


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This was a tough one for both Bariloche and Cerro Bayo. The cleanup was quick though with Bariloche airport having many dumptruck loads of ash taken off the runway. The danger is not only to any engine with an air intake (cars, planes, plows etc... ) but to the environment in the region. I wonder what the animals think about all this??







I attached a picture of the rivers from my friend Alejos front yard. He is a fly fishing guide in the summer and ski instructor in the winter. "ash" is small rock particles and stones. Starting spongy and then getting more and more solid as the eruption progresses. ash in Lago moreno.jpg




On the mountain Catedral has been getting snow to the base and it looks like winter already. They are still stating that things are on track to open and I am more inclined to believe that news the further away we get from the original eruption. 10 days is the window from most of the reporting I have sifted through before one can feel a bit safer the volcano has settled down. 




Havent heard any reports from Cerro Bayo (across the lake from Bariloche) but there were confirmed reports of up to 1 meter of ash on the slopes.


The worry now is the Government of Argentina getting out of their own way for a change, stepping up and running their own Aerolineas Argentinas airline to show the world the situation is turning around. If things worked as they should, the ticket prices would be dropped dramatically on all travel to and from Argentina Ski Resort hubs. Unfortunately things very rarely work as they should,  which is both the allure and the achilles heel of the culture.


Chilean Ski Resorts remain unaffected by this disturbance. 


If you have any more specific questions feel free to email me and I will help answer if I have or can find the information. Busy this time of the year but Im happy to help if I can!



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Thanks for the pics ECJedi


I dont buy into the global warming thing but volcanos definately lead to cooling as they keep the sun's rays out.


We've had 3 volcanoes pop this year that I know of, Japan, Iceland, & now Chile

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I wonder if you get extra GNAR points for skiing down ash?

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LOL I hear from my cousin in Argentina who knows the owner of a Bariloche hotel that Bari is done for 2011 season.  He says the volcano is expected to be spewing another 2 months hopmad.gif

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For those of you that speak Argentine Castellaño, it goes a little bit like this. 


¡Que kilombo!

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I've just got into Bariloche, it's pretty dusty, but not terrible. The worrying thing is that noone knows how long the volcano will continue to erupt for, I have a job arranged here, but I'm a bit worried that there will be no tourists to teach. Thinking about looking for other options, maybe LL or the Santiago resorts, but it's tough, I feel a bit lost to be honest!

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The info on the town & situation is appreciated. 


Good luck with the job thing - tough to know how to call something like that.

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Word is that it's dumping (snow) in Portillo!


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The latest I have heard is that the airports in Bariloche, San Martin de Los Andes, Neuquen and even Santa Rosa, La Pampa are closed.  You can get to the lakes district by flying to Esquel, where you can ski at La Hoya or take free 4 hour bus to Bariloche.  The only other option I can think of is to take a bus from BA, which is long but surprisingly comfortable.


As far as Mendoza area resorts, Las Leñas is open, but does not appear to have a lot of snow.  Typical of that resort, there is no snow report or lift ticket price info on their website.


I would fly into Mendoza via Santiago (and thus avoid the immigration fee if you are from the US, Canada or Australia ) and then you have the option of skiing Mendoza or the Chilean resorts.  To get to the Lakes District resorts it is a bit of a bus trip, but might be worth it.


Caviahue seems to have the most snow, but I have never skied there so I cannot comment on the terrain.


For more information: Update on Ski Conditions in Argentina



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