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Ski length for tall skinny advanced skier

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Looking for some advice as I have not been able to get the answers I need from searching.  I'm 30, 6'3" 180 pounds, advanced and aggressive skier.  I thought I had decided on the K2 AMP Rictors based on the way I like to ski but the biggest they come is 181cm, is this too short for me?  I currently ski 182cm Rossignol Bandit B2s and they feel a tiny bit short, but I also realize the Rictors are totally different and might not feel short.  Please help, I'm at my wits end!

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I'm taller and skinnier than you (6'5" and 180 lbs) and my everyday ski is a 178cm Sultan 85. We tall, skinny people don't fit the normal system for determining ski length because our weight is so disproportionate to our height. You can find a number of discussions in this forum regarding whether height or weight is more important in determining ski length, but if I remember correctly, most people seem to put more emphasis on weight. However, factors beyond a skier's physical dimensions must also be considered, such as ski model, skill, expected terrain, and (above all) preferences. You will likely be fine going with the longest or second-longest length in most ski models that are appropriate for you. If you prefer focusing more on groomed snow, bumps, and/or shorter turns, then you may prefer the shorter of the two longest lengths. If you prefer skiing ungroomed snow, making larger turns and/or ski more open bowls at higher speeds, then you will probably prefer the longest length.

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Have you had a chance to demo the skis?  Do they feel short?


I'm roughly your size though a tiny bit lighter.  If I was skiing on 70/30 groomed/ungroomed, I think a 181 would be fit me fairly well.  I tend to end up in more chopped up stuff than anything, though, so my preferred length usually comes in at about 186 which at least in my mind makes them feel a bit more stable.


If you haven't been on a ski with rocker, I've heard that they usually ski shorter (though I haven't spent much time on any) so the 181 might feel a bit more like a 178. 

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Regardless of rocker or not, chances are if the 182's feel short, the 181's will feel short too.  In general I think when in doubt it may be good to error on the long side if you're talking about skis that are shorter than yourself.  Unless you really like the feel for a shorter ski, but it sounds like you don't.

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I don't think the length is the serious issue. I'm 6'6'' 195 or so and I've skied many skis at 178 or so without them feeling short (I usually aim for 182-184 range for myself). Perhaps with a stiffer ski they'll feel longer to you.

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I'm your height, but about 5-10 lbs heavier- I used 5 skis this season ranging from 172 to 191.  For off piste, my favorite were my 186 Fischer Misfits which skied shorter due to a twin tip.  For on piste, I preferred my 172 Dynastar Contacts although my 182 Dynastar GS race skis were better for bigger high speed turns. 


I'm not familiar with the Rictors, but tend to agree that you will likely prefer that you will tend to want either the longest or second longest size in most skis- the longest will tend to give more stability while the second longest will tend to be more maneuverable, but this is just a generalization...trying the ski is the best way to find out.

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If the largest size available is 181 cm, you don't need a longer ski unless you are doing something that is way outside the skis performance envelope.  If you are doing something for which that ski at 181 cm  is too short, e.g. skiing at DH speeds, then the extra length wouldn't help you much anyway and you would be better off switching ski models.

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I'm 6'5" 205 lbs. I ski....


K2 Public Enemy 179cm (longest available)

Kneissl Fly Star 183cm (longest available)

Hart Barhopper 188cm (longest available)

Elan Boomerang 190cm (longest available)

Hart Javelin GS 191cm (longest available)


...In the market for a Slalom ski in the 165cm range.


The point is, I'm generally content with the longest model of whichever ski I want.  It does make size selection easy if you pick the ski first.  However I could say the K2 and the Kneissl are too short for me, and could have eliminated the option all together if I was purchasing solely based on what size was correct for me.  I think the minimum proper length for a twin tip for me would be no less than 185.

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