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EpicSki Drill of the Day

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So we've landed in June, some of us have engaged in the warm weather pursuits & some are just awaiting the snow to return.  Now is a great time to start the training for '12!  With this in mind, I'm going to put out a series of drills for the alpine athlete.  These are ideas to keep you psyched & perhaps help gain enhanced enjoyment from the sport.biggrin.gif




Disclaimer: Don't start this or any program without clearance.  Talk to your doctor.  Make certain you are healthy & ready to participate in sport or training.  Ultimately you are responsible for yourself & your actions. 





DoD #1: Working into / out of that athletic stance & the squat.











This thread is intended to stimulate discussion & bring exposure to alpine specific training.  This is not a comprehensive training routine & should never be viewed as such.  Talk about it, rip it, get ripped, think about incorporating this into your specific regime..... have fun & think '12.

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DoD #2: Neutral Spine.


Everyone has a position or posture of strength.  Finding yours is the goal.  A Swiss ball helps, yet this can be done on a pillow or standing. 



Once you have found your ideal posture, start thinking about maintaining some contraction to stabilize your core.


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DoD #3: ITB tightness & the side plank


All too often the tight lateral structures on the thigh lead to pain & dysfunction.  This tends to be the result of a weak hip stabilizers & abductors.  Weakness leads to compensation ; compensation to imbalance.  Then the pain hits........eek.gif


Today's task is to pair a stretch & a strengthening item to prevent these actions from limiting your season.



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DoD #4: Telemark Turns








Ever wonder why tele skiers possess massive thighs?  Try linking these down the mountain.  Start with an athletic stance & some core tension around your neutral spine.








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DoD #5: Medicine Ball Twists




So how many lesions have you heard "Stay forward", "Stay ahead of the turn", or "Get out of the back seat!!!"?  This may NOT be a technique issue on your part.  Maintaining that Athletic Stance & being forward at even marginal speeds is near impossible without a strong core to pull you forward.  This simple drill can help you & your skiing next season.


Extra Hint:

  Don't forget to fuel the motor.  This is a simple recipe for a great power meal:

   3 off the farm eggs (thanks Thomas)

   Cob Smoked Cheddar

   Long Hot Peppers

   Chicken Sausage

   Cherry Tomatoes in half slices


   Cook open & fold for an omelet as desired:






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Or  I could just go skiing right now...biggrin.gif

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Nice Drills Irip!  


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DoD #6: Heel Slides from the Bridge






Our Hamstrings are the dynamic (muscular) stabilizer preventing forward translation of the lower leg.  Being a muscle we can contract them & exert an amount of control over the knee joint.  The static (connective tissue) partner to this effort is your ACL. You have no ability to contract your ACL.


This drill captures all the effort you can get from those Hamstrings.  If the friction of deck surface is too difficult, try a hardwood floor or better yet a slide board.

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DoD #7: The Wall Squat





Just as important to the equation are our Quads.  Here is a simple activity to strengthen those muscles.  Note the form of 90 degrees at the hips, knees & feet.  As always, find your neutral spine & stabilize via some core contraction.  Shoot for extending the duration of the sit each session.  Add weight as needed.


Our athlete today, Kerry, is a 4 time winner of the Molecule F National Speed Series. 



Bellayre 2010 GS.jpg














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DoD #:8 Recovery & Myofascial Release to the Calves




After running 2 races in 2 days, it is time to focus on some recovery.  Here are some simple myofascial release ideas for the calves.  Our calves are really two muscles: the Gastroc & the Soleus.  They are responsible for propulsion in walking/running & help us stay upright in stance.  Both are active in preventing us from going over the handlebars on the slopes.  Important that they work in harmony & don't become restricted.  The calf is a common place for spasms, strains, & connective tissue restriction.  Any of these prevent smooth functioning of the calf muscles.


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DoD #9: Retro  Cycling


Today's drill is designed to help keep your legs fresh by performing an activity you have probably never considered.  Retro Cycling is a quick way to wake up the muscles & exercise in a manner your body is not accustomed to.  Perform on a trainer, exercise gym bike or a Spin Bike (shown).  This drill forces more work from the Hamstrings, VMO, & Adductors.  Retro Cycling is a fantastic way to break out of the same routine & avoid the dreaded plateau effect.









VMO strengthening is a key component in maintaining proper alignment & tracking of the patella.  Some therapists & trainers advocate Retro Cycling in the progression & treatment of Patella Femoral Syndrome dysfunction.

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DoD #10: Power on a slick surface


Not every day on slopes are bluebird skies & powder conditions.  Often we ask our bodies to perform on "Packed Powder", "Loose Granular", or "Boilerplate".  We can train ourselves to better manage those days & build for the epic runs we all dream of.  Today's drill involves developing lateral power on a wet, grassy surface.  We are also going to ask for some lower extremity targeting at the same time.








Extra Hint: Fitness equipment only works when you utilize it.  Don't let your equipment become drying racks for clothing. 

Use daily for best results!!!!!



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DoD #11: Core work from 1/2 kneeling


In today's drill, we're keeping our core tight as we work the arms some.  Think about being stable throughout the entire motion.  Feel free to use any style / type of weight.




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DoD #12: Plyo Depth Jumps


 Hey! Today we're talking plyo jumps.  We are going to leap from a surface & tap our knees on the way down.  Start on a 4 inch block & work up slowly & safely!!! Touch your hands to your knees after takeoff.  Find the landing & absorb with the legs. 






This 48 inch stone wall is not your starting point!!!! 




side view




Extra Hint: fuel the motor

 This quick breakfast consists of 1/2 cup Quaker 1 min Oats, Blueberry Craisins, & chopped Apricots.


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DoD #13: High Plank / Low Plank


 Today we are working the core with some plank work.  Start in the push up position, neutral spine & develop some tension around your abdominals / trunk.  Drop onto elbows & repeat.  Hold each posture for 2 seconds. 


 If you feel that you are losing your core control or sagging, take a break, reset your core & attempt again.  Don't continue on w/ poor form.




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DoD #14: ITB / TFL / Fibular head mobilization


Often the lateral structures on the thigh & knee become inflamed & overused.  Here is an easy progression for your remedy!












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DoD #15: Plyo Leaps using the Skier's Edge



Many of you have seen or own a Skier's Edge.



Here is another way to use it!  Remember you are responsible for your actions.  You may not be at this level of intensity.  It is not advisable to perform in Crocs.


Left Turn



Right Turn



Squat & Launch



Hang Time



Find your landing





  You can add to the challenge by aiming for a specific spot by using cones or a hula hoop!

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DoD #16: Single Limb Balance on a Ski


 Some of us are 50/50 skiers & some are 90/10 in terms of weight distribution.  Either way, there comes a time when a strong outer leg is needed.  This drill focus in on the intrinsic muscles of the foot / ankle.  There is also tons of proprioceptive work going on to make this happen.  This is a way to harness your strength & coordination for skiing.


 The DoD, fold a hand towel several times & place a ski on it.  Start w/ a wide board.  Shown is a 125 mm waisted Megawatt @ 188 cm.  Work at tipping the tails & then tip to touch in a controlled manner.


Practice up, because next we're moving to that beast of a GS ski!icon14.gif


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DoD #17: Single Limb Stance on a narrow ski


 Moving on in the progression:  we are now on a 65mm ski @193 cm.  Notice how much work the intrinsics are forced to do!  Once you get this down, try with your eyes closed!






Remember all work & no play does not build a superior athlete!  Take charge of summer & go for a swim!


 Docks @ the German Ski Club: Camp Eureka in Harriman State Park

 Remember to wait for the bratwurst to finish digesting before heading out!!!!


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DoD #18: Tall Kneeling on a Swiss Ball


Today we're working our balance, core & lumbo-pelvic muscles. Your goal is to obtain a tall kneel while on a Swiss Ball.  Notice the extraneous motion & balance corrections in the feet / calves.





Remember Winter?  Training in Winter is hard.....that's why we ride the chairlift rolleyes.gif!!!  So train now & enjoy the snow.


foot in ice.jpg



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DoD #19: Kettlebell Circles on the Swiss Ball.


 Once we get the balance part down, we can move into use of the Kettlebell for added work.  This will challenge your balance, core & uppers.  Good Luck!









Extra hint: be kind to your feet.


  Tom, our athlete for today, introduced me to the use of duct tape on small blisters.  A marathoner, he sustained this nice one training by running Pico Mountain.










Who knew?  In all seriousness, take good care of your feet.  Wet or ill fitting shoes can set you back weeks in recovery & training time.  Below are my feet after a wet 2010 Reach The Beach Relay in New Hampshire!!eek.gif




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DoD #:20 Lateral Kettelbell tosses on the Swiss Ball


Continuing on in the progression, this drill stresses both timing & anticipatory reactions while working the core.




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DoD #21: Lateral Jumps


 Hey gang, hope the summer is treating you well.  Now we're focused on some lateral power & elevation.  I like this drill on the grass & barefoot.  Start with intervals of 5 seconds & go for power.  Work up as your form & stamina improve.




Find an object to jump over.  You may start with a ski on the ground or raised up on a bucket as shown here.


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DoD #22: Plank with the Swiss Ball into Push Ups


 Here we are going to get right into that plank position with the Swiss Ball.  Make certain that your core is engage & tight.  Bring this into the Push Up phase & repeat.  Stop & reset your core should you start to sag or otherwise lose control of your core stabilization.


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DoD #23: Front & Back Jumps over a ski



Again, I like this on grass & barefoot for enhanced proprioception! 

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DoD #24: Blast from the past...........


 Here's your challenge today.  Find a drill or activity that you have not done in a while.  Go out & give it a try, again!!  I had actually forgotten that my skates had 4 wheels & not 5!


Good luck!



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DoD #25: Walking Lunges


Not out to convert anyone to Tele..........just the start of a great progression.


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Fuel the Motor!!!!ski.gif




The Meal:

 Lean Bison, organic brown rice & stir fry squash & carrots in Old Bay seasoning.


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DoD #26 Farmer's Walk Lunges.  First some explanation:




Start with a weight that is appropriate for you.  Shown are two 35# plates in the demo.



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DoD #27: Overhead Medicine Ball lunges


  In this variant, we're going to utilize a medicine ball to further destabilize our core as we do some walking lunges.  The goal is to brace the lateralization forces in order to maintain forward direction / propulsion.  If you could not already tell, I like the grass & barefoot for increased proprioceptive input & challenge.


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