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Atomic Blackeye Ti

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Anyone skied them (2011's, or 12's)? They are unchanged for next year other then the top sheet. Wondering what your opinions on them are as an all mountain ski? I hear they are great on groomers, bumps, trees, and a bit of powder due to the rockered tip. But from what I've read I've gotten mixed feelings, some say its a great ski for aggressive skiers, other say it's better to be skied more neutral, easy going/relaxed (which is not what I'm looking for).


Anyways post your thought's/opinions, I appreciate all input!



Thanks smile.gif

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Bump, anyone?

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I tried these when my friend was demoing for new skis in Feb at Whistler. He wanted an 80+cm ski and tried this and a few others. He liked it the most out of all of them but actually ended up buying the 2012 Rossi experiance 83's instead as wanted a bit more pop on the groomed (as we usually ski more of that in NZ) rather than pivot feeling and the sidecut on the Rossis is well, different (14m) than anything out there in this width range.

The Atomic's are very neutral and easy to steer so a person can be lazy and get away with it although I wouldn't call them aggressive especially as far as edge feel is concerned when you can touch the base. That could be the riser fronts, as I'm still on normal camber skis myself, or the tip width though but the Rossis still had that front edge engagement feel where the Atomic's didn't for me. Both have early rise but I wouldn't say have a huge amount of floatation compared to what most people are using on here now so for powder orientation maybe the next one up, whatever the red one is called might be better? If you are looking at these for a groomed performance bias with some variation depending on where you are from, if it was me I think there are better alrounders out there for that than these especailly if you ski aggressively. I'd also try the Soloman Enduro XT as well as a comparison or in the middle the K2 Aftershocks maybe?

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Thanks for the response, I'll take a look at the K2's, also considering the RTM 84s.

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