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High-Risk Sport Research

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Hello All,


Interested in the science behind participating in high-risk sports? Why not spare 15 minutes of your time to help advance the research in the field.


We are looking for participants who take part in sports/activities such as skiing. We are also looking for people who take part in other activities/sports which include but are not limited to white water kayaking, skydiving, snowboarding, kitesurfing, paragliding, climbing, surfing, mountaineering, motocross, mountain biking etc.


Follow the link below and answer the questionnaire. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete and you will be entered into a prize draw to win £50!


https://survey.psychology.bangor.ac.uk/highrisk/ (please copy and paste into your browser if link does not work)


The research is being conducted to examine the psychometric properties of a newly developed inventory for high-risk sport participants with the long-term aim that it could serve future research in the field. Particularly as research regarding the psychology behind high-risk sport participation is currently limited.


As part of the questionnaire we will ask you to provide the contact information of an individual that you participate regularly with in your sport (i.e. an informant). The informant you provide is essential to establishing the psychometric properties of the inventory. We do understand that you might feel uncomfortable with disclosing other people contact details, but we ensure that the data will be kept strictly confidential and we will not disclose the entered information to anyone.


If you could pass on the link of the study (https://survey.psychology.bangor.ac.uk/highrisk/) to anyone you know who participates in such activities it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or query's about the study then please contact me on pepc1d@bangor.ac.uk


Many thanks for your time and participation.

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The concept of an activity or sport being considered high risk is interesting because it's so subjective.  I have no intention to stop skiing any time soon, yet I stopped playing pick-up basketball because I was tired of all the nagging injuries (broken fingers, twisted ankles, etc.).  Yet basketball isn't considered high risk compared to skiing.  Go figure.


You may now return to your regularly programmed post...

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It should be OK to hijack this thread. A friend of mine who claimed that many of those Nigerian millions scams originate in a neighborhood in WA (she's a fraud cop) says to be careful of internet surveys.


Skiing is a statistically dangerous sport. Unskilled skiers can get painful injuries. Skilled skiers can die skiing. Skiing might be as dangerous as the drive to the slopes! (No facts behind this assertion - but it sounds like good BS).


Most of the skiers reading this have reasonable skills. The challenge of that cliff or line can be measured against the conditions and your skill level. Avalanche dangers are an exercise in probability prediction. A skier makes a decision to manage the risks - statistically too many might bad decisions. But when the decision is made, the risks appear acceptable to the skier making that choice.


Basketball injuries are much less rationally evaluated. The ball gets tipped into your finger - breaking it. The other guy's shoe slips and ends up under your foot as you come down - spraining your ankle. These are random events that you can't decide to avoid or challenge. No one dies from these injuries (unless they use it as an excuse to quit being active and get obese and die from heart disease - but that doesn't show in the statistics).


I agree with Jaytierney that the published risks of sports may not always be reasonable - even if they are correct.



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