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most ski days on one pair of skis

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This may take some very rough estimating, but of all the skis you've owned in life how many days did you log on the pair you skied the most and what was the brand/model?  Feel free to also elaborate on what was special about the ski, its specs, or the circumstances that led to such a long and rewarding relationshipsmile.gif

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Most days I had one ONE pair of skis was a pair of Pre 1200SP 204cm that I bought in 1981 from Nestors 'Warming Hut" in Allentown Pa. The Pre's were the first NEW Pair of skis I owned. I recall getting them at the end of the 1981 season for 50% off at $142.50. I then went to Michaels Timberline Ski shop in Pocono Lake to get some MRR's to put on them, unfortunately I don't recall what I paid for the, These Pre's were my ONLY skis I owned till 1986 so I put about 150 days on them. In that 150 or so days they didn't soften up at all and seemed to be just as stiff as the day I got them.  These were K2 made Pre's and had a "Race Flex" sticker of 23.5 as a point of reference K2 VO-Slalom's Race Flexes ranged from 22-25, so these were VO like in stiffness. A 204 SL this stiff was a lot for a 160lb young pup to ski..I am not sure how I did it, but not sure I would want to ski them now. For as many skis as I have gone through in my skiing life, I actually STILL have these skis nestled way in the rafters in Vermont. 

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In days of old, my first pair of K2's,   Very good beginner skis that I refused to give up until I realized that my niece and nephew were passing me. 


Contemporary skis:  Hart Beat 162.  I took a bit of a challenge from Bob and Chris to ski on one pair of skis consistently for a season and see what happened to my skills.  The only days I didn't ski on them were the days that my luggage was lost on the way to Big Sky and I borrowed some Goats from Rio, which was awesome because of the amazing snow we had. 

I probably got 60ish days on those skis.  

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Volkl Explosiv's. Had one pair. wore them out and turned them into rock skis while buying another identical pair and skiing them over a hundred days also. funny. that second pair I bought from a private party (she hated them) was the next serial number. coincidence? or a sign? wink.gif


People began to think of me as riding Explosiv's and everyone who hated them gave them to me. And a lot of people hated them (the burgundy budha model).

One day on the tuning bench I sighted down the base and saw how odd the sidecut was, and did some investigating, and discovered that they had abandoned the Wizard design and gone back to the very first Explosiv design, the blue and yellow graphic, I decided to try something else, designed in the 21st century.


Got the Rossignol B-Squad and proceeded to ski them a couple or three seasons, about 200+ days, and would have skied them forever if I hadn't completely destroyed them (cracked sidewall and compressed edge, worn edges and torn up base) and been able to return them for full credit. Riding a ski with a broad sweet spot was so much fun that I vowed I would never touch another Volkl.


Now into about 200 days on my Legend Pro Riders. I'm a loyal and devoted skier.biggrin.gif

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I had only one pair of skis from 1978-1992, a 185cms pair of Dynastars.  They were blue and green, don't remember the model. I skied approx 10 to 40 days per winter and logged maybe 300 total days on them entirely in the mid-Atlantic except for a handful of trips to New England and the Rockies.  Some of you ski that much in two or three seasons.  Near the end they were pretty nicked-up, but for my low recreational demands they seemed to still ski pretty good.  The Kastinger boots (Kastinger) I used during that time finally cracked along the sole.  Since I had to replace those, I got new skis too.    

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205 cm Elan RC GS made in Yugoslavia (whatever happened to that place?) w/ MRR's -- probably 200 days.  Several 20-30,000'  deep powder days @ Jackson.  They were phat skis vs. fat skis. Remember riding the tram & noting that my 205's were probably the shortest skis on board.  Still have 'em.  Can't part with 'em, but they now appear to have about the same dimensions as a good fly rod.  Thought about climbing back on, but don't want the teeth on the MRR toe wings tearing up my boots!

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