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Faction or Amplid?

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hey everyone,

I was looking at a french shop end -of- season sale - --50% and decided to get me a new pair of skis.

The shop is auvieuxcampeur.com.

What I want to get is a 95-115mm underfoot ski, rockered in the tip, 180-190cm.

So they have a couple of interesting offers:

1.Salomon shogun

2. Faction 3.zero rocker

3. Amplid Teddy rocker

4. Head Jerry


So there is my dilemma, which one?

I would like it to be drivable on groomers as well, it is obvious they will do great in pow.


I'm leaning towards the Amplid in 191cm - little, traditional camber and front end rocker - 107mm underfoot.

The Faction looks great, though I would have preferred the Alias rocker. The 3.zero model is rockered on both ends and is 112mm underfoot.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

thank you



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I ski the 191 3.zero.  The tip and tail rocker is very subtle.  It's there, but its not like a big, floppy S7.  These things are pigs a slow speeds.  All they want to do is go.  And Go and Go and Go.  Strap in, and hold on.


A short review on them from TGR:

Note: The Faction 3 Zero felt like riding a lightning bolt made of Jesus.



If you are looking for a charging ski, this is it. 

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I've a pair of the old Faction 13s which essential became the 3 Zero.  The new 13 is a different ski. I got them from a guy who'd skied them really hard intending to use them as a rock ski but ended up skiing them a lot as an everyday ski in a winter in Tahoe.  They were indestructable. Would still be a prime choice as a go to everyday ski in Europe especially with rocker but I might go 5 point for a pure pow ski.

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Thank you for the info guys,

I\ve got me a pair of the Faction 3.Zero in 183cm, since they never got the 191cm anyhow.

Those sticks look great, almost sexy.

I've read some great words about them and I'm looking forward to trying them.

It's so annoying to be in the beginning of the summer.

p.s. Any pointers about the mounting point? They have a 0 point and aftewords it goes -1, -2, down to -7 or -8.

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