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Hi guys, let me introduce myself: i'm a student attending year 3 at Politechnic of Turin and as regards skiing i'm in love with snowboarding. This last semester i'm attending a marketing class and working on a project in collaboration with some ski resorts in Italy.

In this phase along with the guys i'm working with we are collecting fundamental infos to evaluate the present offer (of the resorts) related to consumer segments (skiers, snowboarders, freestylers..). For that reason we prepared a quick and efficient form that i ask you kindly to fill.

We are handing over the entire project before the end of june and i can assure you that at least the resorts we are working with directly are gonna read it carefully so that could be a good way to make em listen our opinion and request, moreover you are giving us a great help!

I thank you all and wish you great snow.