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Molnar skis?

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Does anyone have a pair of Molnar skis for sale? My last name is Molnar and it would be nice to own a pair of Molnar skis on display. I live in Australia and may travel to Canada in the North American winter. I was wondering if anybody is willing to sell a pair of them for a reasonable price. Preferably yellows. Thank you.

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Welcome to EpicSki!

Have you checked out the Retro Memories thread?  

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You are a couple of years too late. NFP had a pair that he gave to me that I forwarded to a friends ski house in Vermont that a "Molnar" (from PA) would visit. 


I wouldn't mind finding a pair of greens, that made the yellows seem VO slaloms by comparison. 

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if you havent found any (i know its been a few months) i actually have a pair of molnar skiis, they are green send me an email and i can send you a few pics

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Oh wow! That's great, where do you live?

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I see yellow ones at garage sales or swaps every once and a while,  in Aspen. Andre Molnar had a shop in town back in the 80's, but I haven't seen him in years?

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I have a pair of yellow ones out in my shed.  Live in Colorado might still have the bindings for them?



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My name is Tunde Molnar, my father founded Molnar Skiis. I live inn Boise Idaho and have several pairs. E-mail for info or history

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i have a pair of molnar skis with look nevada 77 bindings  thanks  rob    561-573-4710

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I have a pair in yellow if still interested.

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Do you still have these available?

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I have 5 pair in perfect condition, yellow/green...I'm in Ogden Utah.



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I got some green Molnars. Here's the eBay listing

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Originally Posted by furrismurda View Post

I got some green Molnars. Here's the eBay listing

If you take a look at the date of each post in its header, you'll see that the thread was started in 2011. The OP has very likely found the skis he or she was after.
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yes, I can see that.  However, this happens to be the only thread on the whole internet about these skis.

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Guess we're special. :D


Welcome to Epic, ferrismurda.

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I live in Florida, last name is Molnar. Never been skiing. Was at bar lasr week. Bartender said he used to sell Molnar skiis. I looked them up on phone. Now I own the green skis on Ebay.
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