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Molnar skis?

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Does anyone have a pair of Molnar skis for sale? My last name is Molnar and it would be nice to own a pair of Molnar skis on display. I live in Australia and may travel to Canada in the North American winter. I was wondering if anybody is willing to sell a pair of them for a reasonable price. Preferably yellows. Thank you.

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Welcome to EpicSki!

Have you checked out the Retro Memories thread?  

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You are a couple of years too late. NFP had a pair that he gave to me that I forwarded to a friends ski house in Vermont that a "Molnar" (from PA) would visit. 


I wouldn't mind finding a pair of greens, that made the yellows seem VO slaloms by comparison. 

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if you havent found any (i know its been a few months) i actually have a pair of molnar skiis, they are green send me an email and i can send you a few pics

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Oh wow! That's great, where do you live?

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I see yellow ones at garage sales or swaps every once and a while,  in Aspen. Andre Molnar had a shop in town back in the 80's, but I haven't seen him in years?

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I have a pair of yellow ones out in my shed.  Live in Colorado might still have the bindings for them?



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My name is Tunde Molnar, my father founded Molnar Skiis. I live inn Boise Idaho and have several pairs. E-mail for info or history



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i have a pair of molnar skis with look nevada 77 bindings  thanks  rob    561-573-4710

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I have a pair in yellow if still interested.

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Do you still have these available?

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I have 5 pair in perfect condition, yellow/green...I'm in Ogden Utah.



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