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WTB: 02/03 Salomon Equipe 10 RC

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Hi folks,

Although not officially released in North America last year, I did have the opportunity to demo these last winter. If anyone has a line on these please let me know.

I am NOT interested in the 03/04 version (a re-packaged 02/03 3V).


Model: Salomon Equipe 10 RC
Year: 02/03
Dim: 103/62/93
Length: 176 cm

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The season's getting closer so I thought I'd reinvigorate this post.
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The only shop that i can think of that MIGHT have that ski is Cupolo Sports in Niagra. It wasnt a model that was released into the US, and Cupolo's is the largest Salomon dealer that i am familiar with in Canada. You may also want to look at the new 2V - 100-66-93 (175cm). It is a gs ski, but very easy to ski all over the mountain. A lot of the guys a Snow Country (shop in Rochester NY) ski on that ski as their free ski. The reason i suggest the 2V is because the RC is old technology. It is the same shape as the former 3V from 2000, and im guessing has GS/SL construction from those same years. It will most likely no tbe as stable or smooth as the newer skis. Don't be afraid of jumping to the race model - it really isnt a terribly demanding ski as long as you can lay out clean arcs... Good lukc finding the RC, since it is now a season old and was rare to begin with. I wish i knew exactly how they skied, but i never even saw a pair let alone found a pair to ski on...
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Thanks Greg,

I have spoken with the Salomon rep. It doesn`t look like I have a hope of picking up this ski. Interesting, what you say about it being based on the 2000 model 3V, since that would be consistent with what they`ve done with it for this year (i.e. repainted last year`s 3V). I can pick up last year`s 3V for a song, so maybe that`s what I`ll do...
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If youre looking for a ski to make medium to long radius turns on - DO NOT - i repeat - DO NOT - get anything close to the shape of the 3V (106-64-94) in a 176... I have skied that ski in a 176 and it was the most unstable ski i think i have ever been on (aside from a rossi 9s 9.9 in a 177). It is a ski that is meant for slalom - not long turns. Going from my stock LAB GS in a 182 to the 3V in a 176 was the most horrible feeling i have ever had in a GS course... The 175 2V is a much better choice. It is also capable of short turns - i can get my 182's into a slalom radius if im going fast enough, so the softer retail 175 should be no problem turning. I skied on the previous 2V model in a 172 for a season - great ski, turned very tight though. I ditched it for the stock ski because of the turning radius. I kept over turning and double turning because i was turing way too tight in the course, but it was a great free ski. I would reccommend that you go that route.

Check out Corbet's - i think they have some hot deals on Salomon skis. Around $250 Canadian for an older 2V with a plate on it. That ski (97-66-100) turns at 17m, versus the 16m that the 3V turns at in a 176. The newest 2V 100-66-93 turns at 19m or 20m in a 175. Check them both out - i think you will be much happier on one of those two skis. The 97-66-100 model was sold from 2000 - 2002, and the 100-66-93 model began last season and has carried through unchanged to this season. Salomon race skis go on a two year cycle - meaning they change every 2 years, but they never change the GS and the slalom in the same season, they alternate seasons. So every season either the GS or the Slalom ski changes, but never both... trace it back a few seasons - you will see what i mean.
Hope all goes well, have fun on the ones you end up chosing.


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