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Tracing an old friend

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I am looking for a very old friend called Andy Vallance, his name cropped up on the EpicSki sight, don't know if it is the same man, the Andy Vallance I knew left England many years ago to start a life in the US, he is Godfather to my children, I am known as snipes if anyone knows an Andy Vallnce I would much appreciate it if you could pass these details on so I can if nothing else wipe your Andy vallance from my search list. 


All I want is to find a very good old commando buddy.


Andy Peters (Snipes)

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Did some poking around and the Andy Vallance mentioned here is in the Stowe Vermont area. I found some articles mentioning him recently up there, you might look for a phone number.

epic (one of the site's moderators) works at Stowe mountain resort, so maybe he can give you more info, according to the thread I found on epic Andy was (is?) a supervisor at the mountain as well. You could try private messaging epic if he doesn't find this thread.

Good luck.
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I know Andy and his wife fairly well, I'll let him know about this thread. I'm confident that it is the same Andy, he's ex-British Military.

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