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hello everyone!

I'm new here.I ski since I can remember, but i've never been on a ski forum.

I need to ask you about your opinion on three diferents skis for a specific situation. The thing is  i got a job in a resort in Chile to be in charge of making videos for the tourists while they ski. So, I need to buy a new pair of skis. I'm expert level, I can ski any place in the mountain, but I'm not good at freestyle, tricks and jumps, is not of my interest. But I need to ski forward and backwards so I can film somenone from both sides. So I know I need a twin tip, and also a 50% powder and 50% groomed, so I can film everybody in all differents kinds of snow. I've been watching a lot, and, with the money I've got, I was thinking on:


Nordica Double Six

Sporten Cult

Dynastar 6th sense Serial.


Also, that is what I've found in Chile in a reasonable price. I also have the opportunity to ask a friend of mine from US, who is coming soon, to bring me a pair of skis, but I also risk myself that if something happened, I don´t get warranty because it means to send them back to the US; wich can be very expensive. Any way, I'm opened to risk myself if the skis are worth. Any other skis you can recomend  would be great,  if you think are better than this 3  and are not  much expensive, or just vote for one of this 3 others.


Thanks a lot!!!!!!