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The Next Best Length?

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Firstly, I want to thank those involved in helping me make my decision.

I inquired about matching the Atomic Metron B5 and had received helpful advice.

After much consideration, I decided on the Nordica Fire Arrow 74. 

Now I am chasing down the best for my buck!

I have found the best price so far, but with one problem. My preferred length is not available!

I am 168cm tall. A very strong and dynamic, "go anywhere", skier. I LOVE to carve it up and have fun in the bumps as well as play in the un-groomed stuff! My choice in length was the 164cm in the fire arrow 74. The stockist I am looking to purchase from doesn't seem to have them in stock.

Q: What would be the best alternative? Choosing the 156cm or 172cm? Or stick with the 164cm but change stockists? The price difference is approx. $200!


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I would say the 172, this ski is skied longer than you skied your MB5.

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I've gotten so used to being taller than my skis (since the days of 202's), that having them come above my head will certainly bring back memories :)


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Definitely longer...

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longer, unless you weight 125 lbs.

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