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help fit my feet!!!!

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hi guys


im from Australia and am new to the site. awesome site, very informative.


i have an issue with every pair of boots ive tried,

last season i hired a pair of boots at about sea level, fit great in the stor. once we arrived at the ski resort which is 1200meters above sea level i had problems with my feet swelling and i would get pins and needles and could only ski for about 20 minutes at a time before my feet really started to cramp and hurt. 


i then hired a second pair of boots which were a size bigger, they were a little bit better but i couldnt ride for more than 30mins at a time. it was getting to the point where id head home at lunchtime because i was in so much pain. l then found out that the soles in the first pair of boots were soft, so i then decided to put them into the second pair of boots which then made them a little bit better again.


i understand your feet swell after skiing for a long time and at altitude.


i have a fairly wide foot, and with no ski shops around our local ski resort its extremely difficult to find a pair of boots that fit without actually buying them.


what would you guys recommend for me, i wear a size us 11-12 shoe, and the widest part of my foot is around 12cm wide which is 4.7inches.


if it helps i also ski on a pair of 2010 stockli SL FIS


cheers nic

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Hi nicvtx



     You will find that as long as you rent/hire boots you will probably have these problems.  First rental boots are usually low end (inexpensive) boots and will not support you well---most folks will rent too large a boot and over tighten the foot area trying to compensate for the looseness.  These low end boots are even shaped wrong so as to be easy to put on (a beginner requirement)---- the front of the shell wrapping the lower leg is usually diverging away from the rear of the shell (top to ankle when viewed from the side) to make them easy to put on. It is imposable to tighten the ankle with this going on.


     If you look at intermediate and above boots you will notice the front and rear lines of the shell are generally parallel when viewed from the side, which makes the boot a little harder to put on but wraps the lower leg much better.  You will be able to pull the ankle/heel back into the rear of the boot and hold them there without over tightening the foot.  


     To solve your problems you will need to find a good bootfitter and let him work his magic----your skiing will improve greatly and I'm not just talking about



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Thanks for that,

The only reason I hired boots is cause my feet were still growing, I'm 18 now so I'm going to take the plunge.

Do you know what brand of boot is best to look at? I know skis just not boots haha

Thanks nic
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reading the wikis will answer your questions I think....



if not, just get the red boots.

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there is just too much going on to say buy brand X or Y all boot brands make narrow medium and wide boots, just a case of finding the ones which are right for your foot and that is where the boot fitter comes in....take the time to search one out, let them assess your feet and listen to their advice

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