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Sedona Memorial weekend

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Be riding there for the weekend. Anyone game for one of America's most beautiful MTB meccas? Last time there a local claimed there are 135 trails and they've been building since. Most are short so you connect multi segments for loops. In the red rocks of the area the views are great and the river is running.

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I have always wondered about MTBiking in that area.  I've heard some good things, but not much.  Please report back when you get home.



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Super weekend. Mild tempratures but the wind was a hassle. Sedona is a beautiful town with red rock monoliths and spires all around. Lodging is expensive but we camped 'down by the river' along Oak Creek. Fortunately I'd ridden with a local in Tucson 2 months ago and was the tour guide then so he showed 2 great trails that are not well known but were a blast with tech challenges and lots of views and some slickrock. Also rode a extremely popular hiking trail, templeton, just because the views are great.

There's a bike shop in town called Mountain Bike Heaven and the town lives up to it with over 150 trails around town!

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There is great riding here, damn windy weekend though. Hope your trip was all that you expected. Tons of trails and many not on the maps. This area is getting a lot of press lately so expect it to be 'discovered' by the masses soon. Great thing about Sedona is the locals freely share info with visitors, and there is no negative local attitude to speak of. IMO, best riding is in the Village of Oak Creek, just south of Sedona about 5 miles; Bike n' Bean is the LBS and hub of activity in the Village.

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Sorry, forgot camera! but the riding was excellent as I hooked up with a local so my group got shown 2 unheard of trails. Special Ed started by the high school and was about a 3 mile fun tech singletrack that we turned into a loop with other trails I don't know by name. Use your pump track skills to ride it.

We also rode the Last Frontier Trail that traverses the hillsides of Dry Creek canyon. You'd need  a local to find it as the beginning of the trail is hidden to keep the hikers off it.

Camped down by Oak Creek and the site was sweet with a river and shade, till the wind sent a tree branch thru my tent just missing both dogs. Another piece of the branch went thru the tent and would have hit me in the chest if a friend hadn't gotten me up of the afternoon ride less than 2 minutes earlier!

Later that night I was woken twice by movement. The second time my light shined on a rat in my pillowcase! Dogs didn't react to it. Sleeping with a rat!

At an average elevation around 4500' spring and autumn riding are perfect but if it gets too hot, just head to Flagstaff at 6900' and the trails above town.

Excellent weekend.

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I agree not Sedona, but Prescott, Az. Looks amazing. HDR photos are still kinda of ehh sometimes but the first burrito shot is a really cool effect. Its a shame he HDR like every shot here because they would have stood alone to be awesome pictures with out the severe post processing.


originally posted Scotty Forty G on MTBR.


This type of ride requires you to consume large portions of meal to load up on some precious carbs to fuel you for an all day of riding.
Gman - about to devour a breakfast burrito the size of a newborn baby.

I sent out an invite to GP_Pilot and he extended that invite to a few friends, with a promise of a trail so unique and special that he quickly said yes and dumped his original plan.

Here is what was promised.
1. Technical
2. Chunky
3. Slickrock
4. Steeps

I think this sign should give you a fair warning.

feel free to explore, they encourage it! Wish we had something like this in San Diego.

These two have no idea what they're in for.

Gman had an idea as soon as he sees all the granite.

The slickrocks are marked by white dots much similar to Gooseberry. I love the St. George stuff like Grafton and Goose but these are all snoozer rides compare to this Granite land.

If you dont like to pedal your bikes this trail isn't for you. The only DH you're gonna get is a steep granite descent.

I hereby declare this place Granite Land!

GP Pilot


Alib loves Granite too.

While the trail itself lacks in distance, it sure makes up for it in technicality. GP Pilot and Gman feels like this place is much more technical than SOMO.

Alib tackling a technical climb though the entrance looks a little funky but eventually powered through and cleans it.

A bit of the stuff here is steep climbs and i'm really glad i brought the geared bike for this. On this picture Alib and GP Pilot zig zags up the climb

GP Pilot follows.

The views aren't bad either.

The granite here is so sticky, it's like velcro almost.

The exposures here are pretty wild too. One false move and you are done for.

If you want to have a good time follow the dots.

If you want to have a better time, follow your own dots

I love this sign!

after a bit of riding, we decided to rest up a bit and soak our feet into the nice cool lake.

then we made our way through the ST.

and to some more Slick rock

Some of the tourist here thought we were nuts to ride here and even ask a few of us to have our pictures taken.

As we make our way back, the trails become a lot more technical.

So far this has got to be the one of the most technical stuff i've ridden in a much shorter distance. I'm gonna come back here again soon!

Of course after an EPIC day of riding i drink this.

GP Pilot the trend setter drinks this at the brewery. Achocalypse beer float.

Soon after this pic, i get a message from quaestionis for a growler of Achocalypse. James i hope you got your growler from GP Pilot!

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Thanks for posting those Bush.  I camped at that pond for a week once in geology field camp, mapping all those granite blobs trying to work out the sequence of emplacement.  Beautiful area, in spite of the fact that it was hotter.n hell all day and each night we were ravaged by mosquitoes, while extremely aggressive skunks rummaged through our food.


I returned one Easter to go rock climbing, but was snowed out.  Guess I should try a fall mtb trip.


Sedona is really nice.  The lure of hanging out in Oak Creek, swimming the slots and drinking beer just about flunked me out of grad school.

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Southern Arizona Mountain Biking Association (SAMBAbike.org) has a Prescott trip planed for the 4th of July holiday. Join in the fun! That's the group who also went to Sedona.

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