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Squaw Team prices

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Squaw just announced the new season ski team pricing with substantial increases across the board. Big bummer.
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Tell that to my credit card with the $3800 hole in it!  The meal plan was an interesting idea, though.

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Yeah, my credit card is about to explode too.  What really galls me is that I heard a few times that they decided that they have too many kids in the program and raising prices is their way to trim the enrollment.  That's just wrong...


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Do we see KSL Partners influence here?  It's kind of a classic "business" decision to charge more for what people are willing to pay for.  I could understand if they're bumping up against constraints (staff, lunch space, chaos).  I wonder what else will be more expensive.  Certainly not the Gold Pass, although there are fewer freebies.

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Squaw takes away some benefit from the Gold pass. For some people it is worth the extra so it is not exactly a reduction in price. They will not lost money if they can sell twice as many Gold pass this year, Every visit is in the computer system now. It is not hard to optimize income by adjusting ticket price.

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I think I'm starting to miss Nancy!

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I heard rumors that there was some "fat trimming" going on at Squaw but I hadn't heard that they were raising prices on things like Team.  Bummer on that one, in a big way.


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I admit, I am unhappy with what I have seen from Squaw. I expected more from Andy Wirth and so far I have been disappointed. 

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It's an assault from both flanks: a couple grand for little kids to be on the team and cheap beer went up to $5. 

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Those of us in the members locker room got juiced as well.  I hear there are plans to tear down the ticket booths (good idea) and the Chammy building (bad idea).

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Originally Posted by SquawBrat View Post

I think I'm starting to miss Nancy!



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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

It's an assault from both flanks: a couple grand for little kids to be on the team and cheap beer went up to $5. 

Bummer about the beer too...  KSL at work...


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I put down my $6k last week too although in our case it turned out to be a wash (savings from gold pass paid for ski team increases within a couple of dollars).


I would suggest that we don't really know yet what KSL is going to do, I believe that Andy and KSL spent the past season trying to figure out what they bought warts and all.  


We have 2 kids on the ski team and there are lots of things that I would like to see change/improve.  Again in our case we will be paying another 12% for kids team passes and coaching, if we see a significant improvement in how the team is run, how coaches are trained, who gets hired to coach, etc. it might be worth the increase.  I guess we'll find out in December.



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Ouch -- $2200-2500 if you buy before Wednesday, presumably higher if you wait until fall?  That would be $6900 for my family.


Sure makes the $1300-$1625 (through October; +$100 after) on our side of the ridge seem like a bargain, even before the 10% multi-kid discount....  Not that $4550 is cheap....

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My hill's ski team went to Utah from mid December to early Feb, rather than risk Cali's boilerpack in January. It'll be interesting to see if SV now loses school teams like the Queenstown (New Zealand) Team who have families filling midweek beds, buying meals etc for nearly 2 months etc. As things are, airfares to Japan and Europe are half the price of air to the US. 

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