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Favorite Ski Video?

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I've got a project to do on skiing (due tomorrow of course) and I'm pretty much piecing together a few videos of people skiing, so what's your favorite one?


There's one I saw a few weeks ago but I can't remember if I saw it on TGR or here.  It was of 2 guys powder skiing, but then they go off a cliff and pull a parachute and then just float down.  Anyone remember that video?

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The Midget Hammond was racing two guys down a mountain in a Audi S/R4 on Top Gear,Have a look at STEEP.One of the best ski films I have ever seen.

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Amongst the best movies on skiing, all adrenaline and risk is "The Thin Line". That's all about Downhill Racing.


YouTube has videos of guys skiing off a mountain and then flying in a wing-suit for miles, it's also in a ski video which I forget. 



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In Warren Miller's Cold Fusion a guy jumps off the 'Mushroom' on the side of the Eiger and flies away in a wing suit for 42 seconds before deploying a chute.


Lots of wing suit action in MSP movies, but the segment that stands out for me is in MSP's Seven Sunny Days where the team are "proximity flying" metres away from the side of the cliffs (in Norway from memory) instead of flying away from the cliff like 'normal' lunatics.


Having said that, the OP is after skiing footage.  What you're talking about may be "speed flying" where skiers use smaller parachutes and then combine sking down, and flying off, the side of mountains.  No end of footage if you search on 'speed flying'.  Looks like LOTS of fun.

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I like MSP's Ski Movie, and PBP's Revolver.

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Yes!  Thanks so much!  I didn't present until yesterday, so I got to include some speed flying in there too.

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Here you go...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwbP9WLX3fY


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dendrite studios - out of the shadows

great skiing

great videography

great fun feeling

plus, it's available for a pay what you want rate (min $1.99)


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