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They are all new, samples, and just one pair each, just in the sizes listed.

125cm = 50 inch

Leki Vision Ventrix Alu/Carbon 125cm.
Half Aluminum, Half Carbon shaft..pencil thin, very light. Ergo Soft Grip. $75 Can.

Leki Vision Venom Alu/Carbon Trigger 125cm
Top Model. Strongest and Lightest, Beefier Shaft, Trigger Strap. $125 Can.

Leki Platinium Ltd. Edition Trigger 125cm.
Ltd Ed. Full Carbon Shaft with Air Ergo Trigger Grip/Strap. $115 Can

Leki World Cup Racing Slalom 125cm.
Straight Pole (Positive Angle at Grip)...Genuine World Cup Shafts, Ergo Soft Grips
2 pair ...$70 Can. each.

Leki World Cup Downhill 125cm and 135cm
Downhill Bend Genuine World Cup. $90 Can

If anyone needs some write me directly