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K2 Rictor or Dynastar Sultan 85

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I am a new member to Epic Ski and I must say I am impressed with the site so far. I was involved in another ski forum but there was too much political banter. I am here to talk skiing. That said, I am considering buying new skis and the two models under consideration are the the K2 Rictor and the Dynstar Sultan. I am 57 years old, 5'9", 192 lbs; an advanced skier but not expert. I own a home at an eastern ski resort thus most of my skiing is done there. However, I usually take a western trip every year. I am looking for a versatile ski that can ski well on the groomed but also handles crud and powder. Unfortunately, I do not get much of a chance to ski off piste. I like to ski fast but at my age I am not in the best of shape. I current have 2 skis that I use - K2 Axis X, 180 length and Head Monster IM72, 170 length. I have demo'd the K2 Rictor, 167 length and found it to be quite fun. I was hoping to also demo the Sultans but they were sold out at the Stowe ski shop.


- Which ski would you recommend and what length would you recommend?

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legend 85's have been reviewed several times, just use the search box, they really are great all-mountain skis, and you will loads of comparison discussions by experts, professionals and others just like you too.

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Thanks Dustyfog. I was wondering when someone was going to respond. I have seen the individual reviews of each ski. However, I was hoping to find someone who has skied both and could then compare the characteristics of each ski. I was hoping to do that during my ski trip to Stowe this year. However, the Sultans were sold out. So I could only demo the K2's.
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I demoed the K2 Rictor twice (this season and last).  I demoed the Sultan 85 once, and bought a pair.  So, I've skied the Sultan a lot more than the Rictor.


The Rictor was forgiving, very turny, and easy to ski. But it seemed to get squirrelly at speed.  I might recommend it for a timid intermediate, but if you like to rip I don't think it's the ski for you.


The Sultan is just a flat-out all-conditions ski - it doesn't particularly excel at anything, but it does A-/B+ work in everything between (but not including) glare ice and bottomless powder.  I think of them as forgiving and easy to ski, but that's probably just in comparison to what I'm used to (Volkl race skis).  I haven't found an upper speed limit to the Sultans.


I still prefer my Volkls for Eastern Firm (TM) conditions, and since I ski those conditions most of the time due to my location the Sultan is not my primary ski.  However, I have no hesitation to take them as my one-ski-quiver when travelling out west, and get them out maybe 30% of the time here at home.


My advice would be to get the Sultans and keep the Monsters for the hard snow days.


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Thanks Walt. Sounds like the Sultans are the way to go. I like your recommendation about the Monsters. I was thinking similarly.


What length did you purchase? I was thinking of the 174.

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that sounds like a good length for you and out east. For out west you may consider 178, but based on your description the shorter ski will likely benefit you.


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I went with 172.  The main reason being that I'm not a very good powder/soft snow skier and I wanted something that was forgiving to build confidence, but I didn't want to go really short.  The 172 has worked out well - I've never felt like it was too short or too long.  I got 20 days on them in Utah and Montana this past season, and they handled everything I encountered on those trips, although I didn't encounter any really big dumps. At ~16m nominal turn radius the 172 length feels similar to my other skis, so that's a plus.


(my details - 50 years old, male, 5'10" 180lbs, been skiing for only about a decade, but ~50 days a year - I guess you could say I'm an upper intermediate)

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Walt, we sound similar. I am 57, 5'10"' ' 193 lbs. I consider myself as 'advanced' but not expert. I'm too out shape.
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