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Powder Skiing at Wisp

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Getting some pow and a few drops, it's finally looking like winter out there.
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Woooo! Ontario powder!! This was from a few weeks ago.

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From Australia just came back from an awesome 3 week trip to vail got some amazing powder check it out!

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Hey Guys,


Here is a Video I shot during christmas vacation. Unfortunately no Pow... only groomed slopes.

Hope you enjoy it


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Here's my first edit, filmed at Wolf Creek last weekend.  Now I just need to win that GoPro from the Lifttickets.com contest so it's not so shaky!  Considering I filmed this with my digital camera however, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  Thoughts?  Enjoy.


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Dust on Crust the last few days. The tree skiing here is pretty challenging with the minimal snow, and the tight trees. (tree skiing isn't allowed, but we do it anyways)


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Here is a great vid of some skiing and jumps in Sommand, France!


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Panorama BC


Known for long groomers


Delivers when it dumps...

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This happened on a recent trip to Telluride...


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Runaway snowboard...


Apparently the attendant at the top of lift 15 didn't secure his snowboard and it went for a ride down the mountain after the wind blew it away.

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This happened on a recent trip to Telluride...



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Here I am racing on my 115 waist powder skis...



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Some testing of new Salomon BBR 7.9´s at Ruka, Finland. Filmed (ProCamera app) & Edited (iMovie) on iPhone 4S.


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Beginner Backcountryski.gif


Pano. Footage consists of latest slackcountry lap. A couple of cliff bands just out of reach of the ski hill flaglines. At song change "Gut-shot" has filled in nicely this year(1:25).


^^^Gut-shot in December^^^



When you see the Pontoons get ready to bail(1:50).\/\/\/

Further and further into the slackcountry has been a year of small wind slabs, big sluffs, and a size 2 all starting around 2:30.


profpic 4.jpg

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Here's my 2012 video on youtube: http://youtu.be/v_9ff4Lh6Zc





And here it is on vimeo if you prefer... https://vimeo.com/49874980


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Edit from the last several weeks.  Mostly storm days so the only footage that came out was mostly in the trees.  Kinda bummed about all the stuff that got blurred due to moisture or wasn't useable because it was white-out, but figured I'd give it a shot anyway. Definitely need more blue-bird days next year.


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GO! Big storm rolling on Tahoe this weekend. See ya there! 


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@ war and miller....I love your videos the most, seriously they rock! thanks!

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Not much of winter in Colorado. Though, it was a lot of fun as always.
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Wow, some amazing video's here... We were up in Scotland last week, skiing of the back off Cairngorm... had an amazing couple of days and couldn't believe it was May!


Here's a little video we put together, would love your comments... 


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Pretty cool video's in the posts above. 

I was able to get a small taste of being a ski-bum this last season, (even though I'm a 53 year-old computer analyst).  Here is one that I made from back-2-back trips to JH this winter.  I talked my managers at work into giving me "flex" hours for a week in February and this is what I did with it. smile.gif  Five days of skiing with my son-in-law riding the board and staying in JH for free, (another story).  And then another 3 days with my wife, son and daughter-in-law.



[Note: I embedded the video in the post by using the filmstrip icon and copy/pasting the embed code from YouTube.]

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Shot in March this year at Hudson Bay Mountain, Smithers, BC.  All powder all the time, very few skiers...

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No actual skiing but you might get a kick out of watching this podium video.  It's the 1 - 4 year old boy's division at the NASTAR Nationals at Winter Park this past March.  Hall of Famer Doug Lewis handles the announcing duties while Picabo Street (in the purple plaid vest) and Heidi Voelker hand out the awards.  Watch one very pumped four year old working the crowd.



Makes a grandfather proud!

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I guess I'll throw these in the mix. It was definitely a sub-par winter in Colorado.




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