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Started making ski videos this winter. let me know what you think.



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Some new videos from this season:


Ski Touring at St. Cergue, Switzerland



And here I was scared as never before! Take care when skiing in March =)



And the end of the season - no snow does not mean no skiing!



Thank you for your attention!

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This is the last video I made for the season. It was a short season. 


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This might just be my last time on skis for this winter... unless weather changes drastically. Snow is still good high up in the mountains, but I'm not sure there will be enough will to get into ski boots when it's +15c down here :) And afterall, even though we had pretty bad winter with almost no snow till February, I still managed to ski a lot from middle of October till now. So maybe after almost 6 months on skis, it's time to change them for mtb :)


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Month ago I wrote, that was most likely my last skiing. Well weather was playing quite nice through April, and it did change big time on the end of April, so we got 1m of fresh powder for 1st of May holidays, and higher up in mountains we still have winter :) But now it's really over. Saturday was my last skiing for this winter, skis are already waxed and packed away, other equipment is still drying, and my mtb is already out and all dirty :D

And that's my last ski video edit of this winter :)


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I'm approaching age 70 so the child bride (she's only 64) said "Why don't you put together a video.  Your 'inner child' is only 18".  She even found the perfect soundtrack.


The skiing and snowboarding follow the skydiving and precede the flyboarding and bungee jumping.  I had fun putting it together.  Let me know what you think.



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Australian Winter season coming shortly.

Vibe is high.

Cant wait to get up there and rip it.


Got a pile of videos from past seasons like these from 2011 at Mt Buller



And Mt Hotham





Not done any last few season, got sick of the GoPro but I finally figured out how to Carve properly so going to so some more this season.


Sorted my vids into playlist for each season too here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3bzTySPHl_Il3azMUtdKg/playlists



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At 55 years old, I still do what I can!  A short 1:20 video from late this season.


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Oh yea, here is another from this season.

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Drone footage of skiing into crater of Mt Yotei near Niseko.
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The final season for "A Skiers Journey" 


Getting a personal email from Jordan Manley on this was just icing. 



First episode is on 10/3...  So excited to see this new series from them.



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^ Sweet!  I've never left the USA.  Never been east of Montana or Colorado. 

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Wanted to share this inspirational video about my ski buddy Scott Hoffman.  Shot, edited & produced by Chris Morgan.

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Very well done and as you said inspiring.

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