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This is my 13/14 MASH edit. ski pow have fun.
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I'm shooting for 12 consecutive months in the backcountry this year.  It was Leatherman Peak, (Idaho's 2nd highest), in June.  Here is the video:


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Great edit!

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Continuing the summer ski videos, here is my July outing in the Sawtooth Range in Idaho.  This was above Hell Roaring Lake near a popular rock climbing destination called "The Finger of Fate".


(August will feature a trip to the Tetons on the Teepee Glacier and the Dike Couloir).


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I know I'm not the only one skiing this summer, but apparently I'm the only one posting videos of summer skiing here on Epic Ski.  :)

Here is my August edit.  This started as a solo venture on the Teepee Glacier and the Dike Couloir in the Tetons, but I was joined by a pair of local JH skiers for the Dike Couloir portion.  This snow wasn't the most friendly, but 2,000 vertical is pretty good for August.  Fun times!


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This is a teaser edit for an independent film I am making



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The first time I ever attempted the lake chutes at breck went very poorly.....I know I didn't make a good pole plant, but I still maintain that my ski pre-releasing is what made me go down. I'm thankful I missed the rock outcropping, by only a few feet. I demoted those ski's to rock ski's and got a new set that I was overdue for, and tried again, without incident, the second time around.



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How are you guys getting the videos to embed in the posts? It doesn't seem to be working for me.

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Originally Posted by AltitudeAdjust View Post

How are you guys getting the videos to embed in the posts? It doesn't seem to be working for me.

use the little film icon on the tool bar and then use this form of the URL: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4UGcI6NIsg".  Here is your video using this method...


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Thanks Cody,

I feel kind of silly that I didn't notice the little filmstrip icon earlier.

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I call this video "Old Guy Air Time", because at 56 I'm not launching any 50 footers on this edit.  GoPro footage of JH, Payette N.F. (Idaho) backcountry and Bogus Basin. 



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I hope that in 10 years I can ski like that still.  Great edit. 

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I've posted this in another forum, but here's an edit I made from footage shot by Padel Pearson and his buddies who love to speed fly in Switzerland.  They're doing some crazy stuff.


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Here is my youtube channel for skiing. I Ski at Afton Alps, MN. I have a GoPro Hero





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Here is my video i put together using my GoPro Hero at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, Minnesota





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ok, this isn't mine, but still... it is superb! (in my opinion :) )


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I guess this really isn't a "ski video" of my friends, family, or me skiing deep powder, but I thought it was worth posting.  I shot this late last season during an avalanche control morning at Snowbasin.  It has some nice shots, some great explosions and slides, and a good insight into what happens before the lifts open in the morning.



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Excellent job Chris. 

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Here is our wrap of Plattekill Mountain with Ski Patrol David Nelson. I hope you like.




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This is one of my old edits, i am a lot better now:   

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I posted this in the Colorado weather thread as well. Took this early last week. Been so long since I've skied conditions like that, that it took a little while to remember how to get back into it!


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Just A mini Edit.

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Here's a little edit from the Swedish location Lofsdalen. Enjoy smile.gif
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Here is the official trailer for "Altitude Adjustment" an independent ski film I created. You can view more videos, learn about the film and purchase a digital download or streaming rental at the website for the film.



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Here is an edit that I put together from a recent guided backcountry powder day in Grand Teton National Park.  The guide was Aaron Dahill of Exum Guides.  The powder was truly amazing!


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Heres a quick edit I threw together from Val Thorens in France in December, critique on the edit would be appreciated!

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       Hopping around during a recent pow day at Mt. Baker!

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This thread kind of stalled because I think most of us just post in our local area threads, so to get the ball rolling again, here's Kirkwood last weekend...


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