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Pictures from Pyrénées 2014!" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif" />


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Before I broke my leg last week I entered the CT Senior Winter Games winning the GS and finishing 4th in the downhill.  Just for giggles, I went back up and ran the downhill again on my snowboard.  Got clocked at 47 mph (hit 55 in Davos seven years ago at age 60). Here's a view of the course from the perspective of a chest mounted GoPro.


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@patmoore, you BROKE your leg?  Damn it be careful! 


Nice hummed tune on the way down that course. :rotflmao:

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Fraid so.   I was laying down a wicked toe side carve at Stratton on my 178 cm Sigi Grabner GS board (the same one in the video above) when I hit a patch of snow left by the groomers.  I flipped forward and the board came down sideways with the leading edge biting.  I went from 30 mph to zero in a half second.  The hardboot pulled right out of the binding.  Broke the tib-fib but surgery isn't necessary.  I'm still going to the Nationals at Snowmass in two weeks but as a photographer, not a racer. 


Frustrating because I was having a good year in my age group:  Nationally ranked 8th in skiing and 1st in boarding.  Like the Cubs fans say, "There's always next year...."



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The day before this video was shot, I had successfully made the jump into Corbet's and had a clean run.  Decided to push my luck and try one more.

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Here's my latest edit from Crested Butte


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A day of ski testing with the Start Haus crew: 


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Some freestyle action at Sugarloaf. 

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Squawlpine the last few days... from slush to a sleeper pow day.


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Skiing off the Deep Temerity lift at Aspen Highlands.  



This is my first try at piecing together a video.  Any suggestions for improvements are much appreciated.

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Originally Posted by tball View Post

This is my first try at piecing together a video.  Any suggestions for improvements are much appreciated.


Looks great to me.  I enjoyed the video.

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^^ Those trees look dreamy.  I haven't skied at Aspen since I was 12 years old and really need to get back there soon.

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Skiing all over Colorado. Out judging IFSA junior events and making the best of everyday.
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Originally Posted by Cody Feuz View Post

The day before this video was shot, I had successfully made the jump into Corbet's and had a clean run.  Decided to push my luck and try one more.

Just thought I'd bump this one back to the top.  Pretty funny!

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Originally Posted by Start Haus View Post

A day of ski testing with the Start Haus crew: 


Your videos are noticeably better!  Dunno if you got someone new doing shooting/editing, but they're far more dynamic, well edited, whimsical and fun.  Great job Start Haus!

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Thanks GunnerBob, we're always learning - half of the fun.

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Man vs Snowman =)


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Another video of me cruising down the slope in Korea =)


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I am not usually a fan of GoPro footage, except of course when I am taking it or I am the subject of said video ;).  With that said, I figure I can make you all watch for 30 seconds.


Here is a quick hitter a friend shot from behind on Sunday afternoons sunny springtime slopes.





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My season is over, so here's a little edit.  Good excuse to use the latest song from The Black Keys...




I only managed a handful of powder days this season between low-tide Tahoe and a quick trip to Utah in early February, but they were fun. With a baby on the way and coming sooner than later, getting away to the mountains is no longer an option so I'm throwing in the towel. Footage is mostly from Squaw Valley, Northstar, Alta and Solitude. I'm already looking forward to next November - it's going to be a long off season.

Edited by JayT - 3/25/14 at 9:14am
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Here's a season edit for our family.  My 5 year old son, 3 year old daughter, and myself.


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It is getting almost to the end of my "resort skiing" season and we had a great late season storm here at Bogus Basin.  Here is a quick video that I edited of the action today.  A couple of weeks ago the BB mgt announced they were going to close early at the end of March.  Since that announcement, they have had 2 feet of new snow.  :beercheer:.  Oh, the music is by 3 Doors Down, and they block the video on Mobile devices.  I apologize in advance for any inconvenience that may cause.



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When you think your ski season is already over and then you get one last day and it happens to be the best day of the entire season, well, that's fun. Filmed on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at Squaw Valley. The resort reported 16 inches overnight but by the time the lifts were spinning it was closer to 20 and it was also the driest, lightest snow Tahoe has seen in a long time. Visibility was good on the Shirley / Granite side and not so good on the KT to Siberia side, so most of this footage is from the former.

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My March edit from Crested Butte. Absolutely epic season.

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A small trailer for a winter edit, hoping to finish it in another couple of weekends :)



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Here's an edit of some of the better freshman on the WSCU big mountain freeride team. I'm standing at the bottom of some of these shots! 

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Here's some of mine. I'll make a best of 2014 compilation when the season is over.

And the Snowbasin pond skim:

And crashing a big huck:

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Dude. What you got was incredible. Great stuff. I am not as brave any more with kids and bad knees... 

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Around 160GB of footage and a few weeks worth of editing went into this one. 


It was somewhat inspired by the music clip of Fake Blood - I think I like it:




The intro should also ring a bell for those who have seen the movie Snatch. 


We're lucky that one of the skiers is a professional, and he can't help himself put in all possible special effects:





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Here's a little taste of my season in chronological order.  Been a good year so far.  The biggest thing is still to come!












Long's Peak:


Grand Teton:


North Maroon:

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