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Haven't post here in a while.
Some ski porn to kick off this upcoming season! POV faceshots and hardcore ski action. You're probably a gaper if this doesn't arouse you. Footage from last ski season from Revelstoke, BC to Vail, Colorado.



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Nice powder, I want some.

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Last year.


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Not ski porn, but. If you have seen the TV show Grim, you will understand it.

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I was playing around with my footage from last year and came up with this.



Super stoked to be going back to the Alps this winter!

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Our new episode of Salomon Freeski TV - Fjord: Norway


For generations explorers have traveled deep into the fjords of the Sunnmøre Alps in Western Norway. Greg Hill, Andreas Fransson, & Chris Rubens board a century old fishing vessel in search of their own adventure.

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Merry Xmas And Happy 2014!

If you don't have snow jet as we do this is for you guys


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Here is how I ended 2013.  First video is a little trek in the Idaho back-country the weekend before the New Year, and the second video is skiing at Jackson Hole on New Years Eve - with some footage of a side trip into Granite Hot Springs the day before.



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Dec. 2013 was pretty much like this the whole time! Faceshots to be had in East Vail with Jimmy and Christian. Deep pow, slarving, and hero turns all around.

A Qwiky: EV faceshots from Josh Mattson on Vimeo.

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Gopro skiing at holiday valley shot 100 % on hd hero 2 camera
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A young friend with a couple of great albums out lets me use his songs on my videos. Here's Phil Ayoub's "The Bearded Lady".  I bought a cheap chest mount for my GoPro2 on eBay and used it to shoot my ski and board runs at Mt. Dew race in December.

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I always watch videos for new ideas about how to use my GoPro. I really like this one because it shows what you can do in post with Twixtor.


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Huh. That didn't embed right. Anyone know how to make videos embed? I'm new here.

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I was looking for something interesting to post for my first post and I found this thread.  Not too exciting compared to some of the stuff but it was unusual to be skiing in November in Central PA.  I shot this to try out my GoPro with some different mounts so I know which will be best when i get out to CO in February.


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Guess I should have learned how to embed first.

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Moderator Note:  Folks, just click the menu icon that looks like a film strip and paste the direct video URL, then click Submit.  No need for HTML code or other embedding, it won't work. 

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Here is a short video of a recent day at Jackson Hole, (Saturday, Feb 1st, 2014).  Features Headwall, Tower 3 and Gros Ventre.  The Headwall had some great faceshot powder!!



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With barely any snow in Tahoe, it was time to hit the road and meet my cousin Justin for some turns in Utah over an extended Super Bowl weekend. Needless to say we had a better time than the Broncos. Most of this footage is from the one real powder day at Solitude, but we also hiked our way to some left over stashes at Alta, Snowbird, and The Canyons - and benefited from some timely rope drops.

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Here is my wipeout video from a few nights ago, enjoy! lol


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  Me trying to drop in to Psycho Rocks at Crested Butte, and it going horribly. Thankfully, I still end up finding a pretty fun line after sliding sideways on rocks and logs.

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here is my vid from a recent trip to Andorra - great skiing this year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12neSjMhV-E 

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My first edit. Used windows movie maker. Cheap camera sorry about the shaking (Monoprice action cam $80)


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I like to experiment with different mounting positions.  Here's helmet mount both directions and chest mount both directions on both skis and snowboard.


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Hei! My first GoPro movie is finish. I really want some feed back from you guys. After seeing the videos on this forum I have find much inspiration. I am not so good with links, but here is the link to my channel. Please check it out and give me feedback!


The movie is made with two gopro 3 cameras!
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Here's my latest...


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Here is a quick edit from 2 days at steamboat. All filmed used the liquid image goggles. Hurt my knee the end of the 2nd day. bummed. Let me know what you think


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here mine i did for a school project, skiing was at big sky mountain and moon light basin. lemme know what you think!




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