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Post Your Ski Videos Here!

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Just was looking around for a page were people just post their ski videos for others to see. I, personally, love watching other people's movies because then I often learn new techniques for either my editing, or my actual ski style. 


Here is my latest video:


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Above is part 3 of a bunch of stuff from last year, bellow is a nice day in January.

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Cool vids guys!


I just did one video this last season with all Go Pro footage of one 3 hour morning session we had.  Next year I'll do more filming and try to make something more enjoyable and with more variety.  The intro text stuff is lame, I've already learned not to do that, it's better I think to start out with something interesting to see and hear for the viewer to buy into the experience.


Anyway, here is my first Go Pro Ski vid.  More and much better to follow next season.



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Here are a couple of short clips that I probably posted when they were current, but they conjure good memories & are easy on the eyes.  They aren't the highest quality & were shot with a little point & guess camera.


The first two are short but sweet.



This one was a leg burner, so be patient.




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Long, Lame, and previously posted, but here is my helmet-cam action from Whitefish @ Revelstoke, 2011: beercheer.gif

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Here is a GoPro edit from snowbird on the 4th of July.

?g3p99ciWR_8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Originally Posted by dladd View Post


Too Fun!



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Link to Ski Poem:


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some of my favorites from this year.

like classical music



or something a little harder


some utah stoke


what an unbelievable may we had


i'm working on a season edit, meanwhile there's lots more here


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Here are half a dozen I posted to yootoob.

Generally  'Another Average,  A Better Than Average,  Another Better Than Average Day'. I hit 140 days.

This is pretty straight-ahead skiing with long pitches and no big physics ( and Gopro freeze-up in editing- must get more RAM...)  

We can start our ninety day countdown about now, eh ?


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I used to make vids on pretty regular basis, but then my helmet cam broke and I haven't replaced it, so I don't have anything from the last year or so.  I made a few 'ok' ones though.


This one I like because I was able to combine some helmet cam footage with people shooting from below as well for the first two "runs".  then it goes to all helmet cam.  I have a bunch more on my blog here as well -> http://onegeartwoplanks.wordpress.com/video/ 

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^"I forgot to take a skin off"


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Here is a link to my youtube channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Blakera4848

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I finally figured out how to embed a video : )


Here is a video that I'm particularly proud of because my wife is in it with me, in her third ski season... in my opinion she looks like she's been skiing longer than that.


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Wow, your wife is in her 3rd year?  


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A. Your wife looks GREAT for three years.  Obviously not perfect stylistically, but aggressive, unafraid, doing all the right things.  I sure as h*ll didn't look like that after three years.....or maybe even after 20.  I wish my wife would come out and play like that.


B. It's really interesting to see our styles/preferences play out.  Bumps are really your metier and preferred territory, eh?  In your freeskiing, that style doesn't always seem to serve you.  In the trees, it's good.  But when I see you out on the open, I'd say you look a good notch less skilled than the guy I see tearing up the bumps.


That's not a knock, by the way: I'm stuck in some of my own terrain/style preferences and you'd flat out KILL me in the bumps.  It's just interesting to see this play out in others' skiing -- and ruminate on what it means about the guys who ALWAYS look perfect, no matter the speed, terrain, or conditions. 

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Quote:  From tch

But when I see you out on the open, I'd say you look a good notch less skilled than the guy I see tearing up the bumps.

I've been thinking about this for a little while since I read your post.... I find your critique intriguing, however, I'm having trouble seeing this.  One thing that is making it especially hard for me to agree is simply that, while your post implies that I prefer moguls, and spent most of my learning time in moguls, the truth is actually the opposite.  I didn't start skiing moguls seriously until I was 24 years old.  I'm a late bloomer in life in pretty much every way.  I also wonder if the snow conditions in the shots outside of the moguls might affect your observation.  I almost always purposely film bad (icy/chunky) snow because I'm sick of all the ski movies nowadays that just show the same perfect powder over and over and over again. 


Anyway, I hope I don't seem defensive.  I don't mind the critique.  Feel free to debate me more if you want : )  I'm just not sure I can see what you mean.  If your looking for jumping or new school moves, then that would make sense.  I'm really not an aerialist or anything. 


Perhaps high level skiing in the moguls is more rare than high level skiing outside of the moguls, so even if it's the same level in both areas, the mogul shots might still be more impressive? 


While we're here would it be too much if I posted two more?  I don't want to take up too much space, but I wasn't sure if anyone really looked at this thread. 


This first one is from the same year as the one I posted above except it has more shots of me and shots of my Brother instead of my Wife.  Are there any telemarkers here?  My Brother is one.  The second video is of my Wife's second ski season.  I documented her first and second ski seasons in their own videos.  Her first season is on my channel, I won't embed it here because I don't want to get carried away embedding too many videos. 



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Hey Blake, my comments come from shots like those of you entering the couloir at 0:19 and the ones at 1:55 and 2:47.  As you comment, it might be b/c of the snow conditions (or in the first one the steepness), but my observation would be that in those places, you get into the back seat ever-so-slightly, break the line of your body, or let your hands drift back and down.  In contrast, in the bumps you look centered, powerful, with hands up and in well front of you, driving.  I also noted that in other shots of you skiing open terrain, you tend to keep the tight, leg-together style that seems taken from the mogul sections.  


It's not bad skiing (you probably look a lot better than me in most cases!), but I just saw a discrepancy b/w you in those situations and in the bumps.  You seemed more at home, more natural, more practiced in those sections.

But then again, I'm definitely not an instructor. It's just my $0.02.


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i couldn't help but notice how your wife's skiing mirrors yours, especially the hand positioning and movements. she's doing fantastic, btw.

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Katya's second season!  Wow, she is doing great.  Impressive bumps for BSaundres.


4ster, nice turns!

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Quote:  From tch
It's not bad skiing (you probably look a lot better than me in most cases!), but I just saw a discrepancy b/w you in those situations and in the bumps. 

Ok.  Well, I'm thinking about it.  I know you don't mean it as a knock and I am not taking it that way... I'm just thinking about what you said.  I guess that was kind of a low energy entry at .19 seconds.


Quote: From dork of pow

i couldn't help but notice how your wife's skiing mirrors yours, especially the hand positioning and movements.


I wouldn't mind having her learn a thing or two from someone else so her learning would not be so limited coming from only one source.  She mirrors me because she has only learned from me. 


Thanks to everyone for the compliments : )  Katya is in Russia right now.  I'll have to show her these posts when she gets back : ) 



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Heli-skiing in AK with Chugach Power Guides.



Give 'er a "like" if you like it :)

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I took the liberty of embedding the video links...

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here's one I did with the gopro on my pole...



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Why you should always wear a helmet!


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Another video from an Alpine Haus employee, this time showing of some Freestyle skills.


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Sick Video's

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