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This is an odd place for this item, but I want to give the fellow photographers bears a chance before putting it up on EBay.  I am selling a very nice compact interchangeable lens camera, Olympus EP-1 with a matching zoom lens.  This is micro43 system camera; micro43 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens format supported by Olympus and Panasonic.  The sensor is a 12 Mpix 4/3 sensor which is much larger than any point and shoot sensor, so it gives pictures that are far better than any point and shoot pictures.  The built-in image stabilization system also allows to take pictures at slower shutter speed.  There is no built-in flash, but there is a hot shoe for an external flash (and as you know built-in flash pictures do not look good anyway).  The camera also shoots HD video.  It is compact, lightweight, has stainless steel body, built like a tank, and it takes great pictures.  It is a perfect travel setup. 


Extras: The camera comes with a handmade japanese Aki-Asahi hand-dyed leather case (beautiful item), and a 35mm Voigtlander optical viewfinder (full metal construction, much better than the Olympus 35 VF).  Obviously it does not zoom, but if you already own the Panasonic 20 mm lens for m43 or the Olympus 17 mm lens it matches both very well.  


All items in very good to excellent conditions, no scratches, dent or obvious signs of wear.  The camera comes with all the original accessories and manuals.   Asking $475 plus shipping.  







Without the case: