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This summer I'm planning on traveling out of country to ski. I'm interested in going to Chile or Argentina, but the problem is that I am 16. I am a high level skier and I'm fluent in Spanish, so I feel like South America Skiing is a perfect match. Regardless, my parents are uncomfortable about sending me out of country without a trusted travel group. I originally was planning on traveling with Putney who my parents were more than comfortable with, but the trip was cancelled due to a lack of interest. Recently I found a trip called "Evolve Chile" run by Evolve Tours, but my parents are not convinced on their credentials. They are worried about the experience of the supervision and the safety policies on the slopes, especially considering the inherent risk involved with skiing at my level. I would appreciate any info that would help with the credentials of Evolve Chile or even other ideas of how I could get some skiing in this summer.