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Top of Saudan Coulior ( Jersey Cream Bowl if you are new to the sport ) May 09,11



Bootpack above Horstman Hut enroute to Blackcomb Glacier... May 17,11


05172011_002.jpg                            Top of Blow Hole / Blackcomb Glacier - May 17,1105172011_003.jpg                            Blackcomb Glacier ... T-bar closed last day of April  Whistler's closing day  so the Stupid Traverse has few takers. 



Not exactly Pow but at least there are no moguls, Blackcomb Gl. May 17,111                               


This boot-top snow was approaching shmooey - And the sunny south sides are now in a great melt-freeze cycle... It rained last Sun/Mon so the moguls have just flattened out on all the usual big pitches.

Too bad it all closes May 30... What a season. Hitting 140 days.. The consolidation of wealth by the reptile people means there are even fewer skiing this spring.  Gotta go... ski this again.