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What is it about Bozeman?

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Bozeman is surrounded by magnificent mountains. They rise majestically from the Gallatin Valley in every direction you look, and with them comes an abundance of ski runs, hiking trails, wildlife, and fishing streams where residents and visitors play. Here you can live in a trailer house and enjoy the same million dollar view of the Bridgers and extravagance in recreational amenities as the wealthy second homeowners in their gated communities.


Being a university town in a traditionally ranching community gives Bozeman an interesting vibe. Originally MSU was the Ag school, with its counterpart to the west, University Montana in Missoula, as the liberal arts school. Today MSU is noted for science and engineering in addition to agriculture, which over time has given rise to a number of successful startups employing highly educated workers. The community supports music, art, historical preservation--including the famous dinosaur exhibits at the Museum of the Rockies--and has an ethic of fitness unlike anywhere else I have known. Most cars have outdoor toys strapped to the roof. The Ridge Athletic Club parking lot looks as packed as Wal-Mart's. Visible couch potatoes do not do well in Bozeman. 


That's what it is about Bozeman. For me, of course!






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A whole year and no one has replied to this thread? And such a lovely start too, nolo, your opening post is elegant!


As a relative newcomer to the area - we arrived in 2008 and, until we can sell the house in Michigan, we're only here in the winter - what has impressed me the most is the kindness and friendliness of the people here.   I have lived a lot of places (I went to 13 schools in 12 years, for starters) and I have never lived anywhere else where people seem to take such a genuine interest in your welfare.


We live in Big Sky and it is equally friendly, but coming to Bozeman is always a pleasure. In every single grocery store we visited before settling on a favorite, we were asked, not once but multiple times, if we were finding everything we needed. If you call for an appointment at the hospital they will make multiple changes without sounding cross or impatient, until you're satisfied. When I was here, alone, for a week, I had seven invitations to go places with friends: more friends than I have in Michigan where I have lived for thirteen years!!


You can tell the minute you enter the Bozeman airport that you are "home", and I don't even know how. It's something in the demeanor of the people here; their relaxed expressions maybe? Their expectation of being accepted and appreciated by their neighbors?  Whatever it is, it makes Bozeman a delightful town.

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