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Public Golf Capital of the World?

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The local golf weekly just came out with it's Golf Course Guide for this year and I counted them up. Within a 1 hour drive from my home there are a total of 83 golf courses. 62 of those are within a 1/2 hour drive. There are 14 Private GC's, 9 - 9 hole executives and a whopping 60, 18 hole courses open to the public. Of the 60 full sized courses the most expensive is $57 w/cart and most affordable is $14 to walk. Can anybody top that?

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Oh my,  I would think the Myrtle Beach area would dwarf that big time.

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Looks about "par for the course" to me.  Looking at Google map I see about 75 courses within an hour of my front door, probably about 2/3rds public.  Everything from $14.00 city and county joints to a couple c notes to play at Pinehurst.  I recall that Dallas and Long Island also had a seemingly unbelievable assortment of golf options when I lived there.


And, it seems that every single one was busy whenever I went there to play.  Business is GOOD!


I'd say your area is not really an anomaly.

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I'm bored with all the rain here so I went and checked.  Scroll down a bit and they say 102 in Myrtle Beach.




50 more if you count minature golf smile.gif

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Raining here tooyahoo.gif That means the leagues have been canceled and the courses are wide open. My favorite time to play.  How many of those MB courses can you walk on to for under $30?

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None. Right now you can only paddle on to them.snowfalling.gif





golf course .com says there are 89 courses within 30 miles of my home. Only 39 of those are public or semi public. Going to 40 miles out raises the number to 55. I know there are courses further out that I can get to in under an hour, but that distance brings in a lot that I can't. So I can't top the number but it's close.


I played one of my local courses last weekend for > $100. So it was pretty easy to top $57biggrin.gif. I also played for free 3 out of my last 4 rounds. 

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The reason I brought this up is that after a lifetime of living/golfing here we are getting ready to move to Washington State as both kids live there and I'm ready for an adventure. We'll have less opportunity for golf but more for skiing. Guess I'll just have to get used to the view from my sons driveway




Took this picture after walking a mile back behind his house last June



Oh well, life is full of compromises smile.gif


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Wooley; take heart, there is golf in Washington.  golfcourse.com shows 130 courses here, and there are some pretty good ones toohttp://courses.golf.com/golf-courses/us/Wa.html.  That list is very incomplete.  You may not have the number of tacks close at hand you are used to but think quality and variety. 


The prices on some very good courses are not bad either.  Played last week at a course used for the US Armature last year $35.00.  Yesterday played where the Tacoma City Championship will be played this weekend, $22.00.



Now if those pictures are from deep in the North Cascades, consider picking up a new set of clubs at Goodwill and taking up Adventure Golf. (A rifle is an acceptable 14th club)

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Gosh, that's a tough lie you have yourself there...




You might want to consider taking a penalty droproflmao.gif

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Good news about affordable Washington golf. I'll have to check it out. I also noticed that western Washington was pretty much 1+ million acres of driving range. Free if you supply your own balls. I love to hit balls.


The mountain picture at Snoqualmie Pass and I'm waiting for word from my son who left yesterday to ski the mountain at the end, Chikamin Peak. It's a 10 mile ski in and with the current snow pack and temps he needed to start up well before sunrise this morning.

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Snoqualmie Pass area?  Take heart and keep the good clubs.  This is just a little a little bit east of you, just a bit past Cle Ellem (SP).  Not real cheap, but really good.  http://www.suncadiaresort.com/washington-state-golf-courses.php  Enjoy beercheer.gif

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$40 for teeing off after 2 PM at Suncadia is what I'm all about. The current plan is to rent in North Bend while we work on buying in Cle Elum. Just heard from the boy. He said there was a temperature inversion so they could only go to 7000' (8300 to the summit) before having to turn around due to the avy danger. Called it a long overnight XC ski. Next week he's going to try to ski and surf on the same day. I'm gonna love the west coast!! Think I'll start a new golf thread.

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It's England, Scotland and Ireland - the best public access golf in the world. The best golf in the world probably. And I know these are countries.

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I spent a few months down in New Zealand in 2005 and the course I played at had a 6 month "Summer" membership with unlimited golf for something like NZ$300 (about US$200 at the time)...they gave me a bit of a discount on it as I wasn't going to be there for the whole 6 months, so it was really a bargain.  I think a single round went for NZ$60 which is above average, but not the highest. 


While some of the Championship Tourist Resort courses were more expensive, it was common to find deals like this (and single rounds in the NZ$30 range) at many of the country courses.

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