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PNW Adventure: Update #1

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I'm in the middle of an adventure with the intent of skiing a bunch of PNW volcanoes (and Shuksan). Below is a short bit of what you'll find on my actual update and a bunch of info/beta about it.  I'd normally post it here, but I don't want to go through all the hassle of re-posting a bunch of stuff I've already posted.

I was able to successfully ski another volcano a few days ago and I'm working on getting the update for that made, so stay tuned. Right now I'm actually taking a 1 week break from the adventure in Hawaii for a good friends wedding (in which I'm a groomsman), but when I get back to the PNW I'll be getting after it!



See the whole update here:  PNW Update #1










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Joel, looks like a bit of a challenge weatherwise.  Looking forward to the full report.


Are you attempting some other peaks?



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Mike,  I'm definitely doing a bunch of other peaks up here and I'm making another attempt at Rainier (soon hopefully!).  I was able to get Mt Baker done about a week ago then I had a week hiatus because I was in a wedding in Hawaii.  That TR should be up soon.  I just landed in Seattle late last night and we're figuring plans out right now.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a weather hole.

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I'll bet that's a bit of weather change; from winter in the high elevations of the PNW to Hawaii and back.  You are missing some fantastic conditions in CO, but I expect that you knew that.  Of course, I'm not able to sample them either as I'm rehabbing from ACL reconstruction.  


Best of luck on your Rainier attempt, and be safe.



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