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This is not skiing but a tribute thread to outstanding skills, technique, talent, nerves and passion for the sport. The Finns won hockey gold last night against Sweden but this 0 - 1 goal against Russia last friday goes into history as the coolest stickjobb ever. Granlund is the hockey version of Bode:


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He must be a descendent of the flying Finns:



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You're right, TDK6. I've played and been a fan of hockey for a long time, and I've never seen a move quite like that. 


It appears that the officials reviewed the play. Were they concerned about its legality? Was there a question of high-sticking? Either way, I guess they let it stand. 


Pretty cool!


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Great shot, looks like this from a 9 year old, but this kid does a reverse spin on the shot!


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Unreal, SMJ. If I were an NHL scout, I'd offer that kid a contract right now!


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It was quite a move, and I watched it somewhat confused and in disbelief.  "Ahh..what happened? did the puck go in the net...?  Until the replay made it all clear.


The officials needed to be sure that Grandlund's stick was no higher than the cross bar.  but as the puck was stuffed into the upper netting....well, it must have come from below ;-)


As kids, we used to fantasize and "practice" "magic moves" like that at the rinks playing "shinny", and even "dry land" shooting practices off waxed bits of plywood in someones garage.

Street corner stuff.


I don't know if I should be impressed at how long a time, or how short a time. it took to make it to a big league event. Grandlund is 19....he will be fun to watch.....


And then I couldn't find yesterday's final between Svenska and Suomi anywhere on the TV.

Poker yes, Soft ball yes, cycling yes.  World's Ice Hokey Final?    No.


TSN in Canada aired it at 4:30 EST



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Cgrandy, too bad you did not see the game because it was a slaughter. Every expert said there would be no goals but what did they know.


SMJ, thats a truly awsome kid! Thanks for the explanation of the referee conference. The move Granlund did was by no means unique but to pull it off in the WC semi-final has to be considered extraodrdinary. I think Granlund is going to play in the NHL very soon....

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the nine year old kid will likely be burned out of hockey by the time he is 15.


Those are the odds.....



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Originally Posted by tdk6 View Post
The move Granlund did was by no means unique but to pull it off in the WC semi-final has to be considered extraodrdinary. 




Google "mike legg michigan"



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you're talking about the michigan wolverine who sent the golden gophers home wondering how on earth the winning goal got in the net.  I heard they were uanble to answer that questions until the returned to minneapolis and watched the replay.

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I've been wondering about whether or not I think that type of move should be legal or not for a couple years now.  It looks more like lacrosse than hockey.  I guess as long as it is legal to swipe at someone's stick when they have the puck frozen on it like that than carrying the puck on the stick below some agreed height should be allowed.  If they call slashing when folks chop at other players sticks to knock the puck free then this kind of move should not be allowed. 

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