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Went to the local skimart and they have some Kjus jackets that look really nice, I was wondering if anyone here knows about their quality or construction, or their wearability (I mean in the strength of materials sense, not in the fashion sense).


They are pretty expensive, $600 and up for the ones I was looking at... (The Kjus 'Slash' jacket'). Also there are Kjus jackets on vleabay for aroud $105, are those any good?


Thanks for any help




Edit: I have scanned the reviews and it looks like everyone loves the stuff, but I am still wondering how well they last over the years. I have a Marker jacket that I love but it is showing it's age at 4 years.






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Kjus is top of the line, they're the Kastle of jackets.  If you take care of it, it'l last a long time.

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I have 2 Kjus Jackets (One Shell & One Insulted) and Kjus Formula Pant! Also 2 of theIr T-Necks!!!



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Whoops, my bad. The jacket wasn't $600 but $900. Ow.


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Just got a Blackbird jacket and Razor pants in the fire sale my ski area had at the end of the year (70 percent off).  Have heard nothing but excellent things about them and they feel fantastic, just putting them on.

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Didn't know you could find Kjus clothing steeply discounted.  Do the jackes run just a little bit small in sizing?

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I was fortunate to be able to try the clothes on, frankly.  I took a 56 jacket, and my Spyder jacket is a large.  I took 54 pants, and wear both medium and large cloudveil shell pants comfortably (34 waist in Mountain khakis, for example).  They are cut small if you take their size guidelines to heart.  I wouldn't buy ski clothes without putting them on (or at least the exact brand and model) anyway given the amount of movement involved, and things like the location of the pockets, whether I think I can open them in gloves, etc.

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looking to buy a kjus jacket.  where can i find a deeply discounted one? 

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