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Advice on mounting

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Epic gang,


I have delimea I wanted to get some perspective and see if I am being a douche bag.   I bought some skis, bindings and mount from a very reputable shop that I have bought skis from for years.   After getting them I found that the bindings mounted off center by 2-3 mm.  They asked me to ski them once and see if noticed a difference, and it felt like I did...but honestly once its in your head you never know if its Jedi mind tricks.      


Sent them back and they ripped off the mounts and said one set of holes is 1.9mm off center and the other skis are 2.3mm off center.  Its a 100mm ski and the shop said I should not notice, but also said they would refund the skis if I was really uncomfortable.   They have definitely been a testament to the service I have seen for the question is do I return them or not.  Want to be fair to the shop, but it will probably drive me crazy knowing they are off.  


I have read through some of the old threads, but would love some fresh counsel.  

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You will drive yourself crazy thinking about it.  Send them back.

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We're talking around 0.080" here......


Just ski them

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IMO, if you are a world class slalom skier you might notice. If you are not, you won't.

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Since it would only take 1/2 those figures to bring it to center, it's nothing.

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Thanks so much for everyone's thoughts....I think its actually 1.9mm - 2.3mm off from being centered once the binding off looking at the holes, so I don't think the half convention applies here.      

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Are you talking about 1.9-2.3mm off from the edge of the top sheet or off from the ski's edge?



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I do not necessarily think you will notice but I do feel they owe you an explanation and see what your alternatives are besides the price of new skis.How it happened,etc.  would be good also.If it were my shop(I work at one but do not own it) I would offer maybe a gift certificate for a future purchase, or a couple of tuneups at no charge,something to keep the trust and service you deserve from any shop. Just my .02    Dave

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Ski's edge...Measured with Calipers after the bindings ripped off.  

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