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Firefox Virus

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Using Firefox 4.something (.1 I think)


I usually open Epic on Chrome, but I had a bunch of other tabs open so I decided to open it in Firefox and this notification came up from my AVG virus protector.  



So I'm back in Chrome, and letting you guys know.

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I'll report it, but I use FF and have not seen anything like this. 


See if you can duplicate the error, and hit the "details" button and report that if you can.  Very unlikely this is the source of your problem.

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For what it's worth, and in case this is helpful, when I logged in this evening (on Chrome 11), Norton reported and blocked what appears to be a similar attack. Here is the Norton detail report:




Interestingly, unlike anything I've seen before, it reports that the attack came from my own computer--BOB-PC. Not sure what that's about.


Best regards,


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I just had a weird virus warning (I use Safari), told me to 'click here to download' a fix.  It only came up on the EpicSki tab, none of the others I had open.  I rebooted my computer and it went away, didn't think to take a screenshot.

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Same as RaceDude here.

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Haven't noticed anything here.  I do have an add-blocker though.

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Update your Browsers,Virus scan your Computer,clear your history,temp. files,ect.. It is not from your Computer but from the website. Goggle-

exploit kit variant activity 3. Good day...........

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Haven't been able to duplicate it though.  I'm thinking it might be from one of the ads?

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I have raised the alarms to troubleshoot this issue. 

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This is most likely ads-related. We've paused the campaign in question, please post if you're still seeing the issue later today!

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So glad I use Open DNS and am a supporter so I can block ads...

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