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Ski boot liners

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I'm looking at getting some new liners this summer, and I see the Scarpa liners (Scarpa Men’s PlusFit TT High Ski Boot Liner) on Ebay all the time - just wondering what people think of these, or if they would even work. My boots are Rossignol Elite EXP 1 Carbon, 27.5.





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why do you need new liners?   Are your boots feeling too big?   too cold?   too many days on them?

new liners can solve many problems, but not ALL problems...



The scarpas are OK, but lots of people are removing them form new scarpa boots and putting an intuition liner in place of them, as they tend to fit better, are warmer, and allow more custom fitting...

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Boots are correct size, not cold, maybe 100 days but they are getting chewed up inside the heel pocket (from taking on and off many times I guess) and the bottom rubber/plastic (vinyl?) base layer has come off the felt. Also they're packing out a bit and the top front sides are touching in front of the tongue. I will need to trim the sides soon to keep them from overlapping.


I need to find a place to try on intuitions I guess.



edit: I just looked at the SVST Intuition web page. It's disconcerting that they size and sell liners using old English instead of Mondo, or at least metric.





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