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7-1/2 months down and progress continues. I would say I'm about 95% back. Lots of gym workouts (wonderful being back at that) and back to playing golf (walking) now that spring is here. I'm fine going up and down stairs but still a little unstable walking downhill - I get the feeling that I could get running out of control unless I carefully hold myself back. For someone who used to play golf in sneakers at times, I've even invested in some new golf shoes. It's all I need is to slip on my butt going down some wet slope on the course with my feet going right out from under me. It does look like one year is the timeframe for "complete" recovery but 100% recovery looks like a certainty. As one born in Canada and now living in the US since the early 70s, I did read with interest about the 6 week wait for an MRI in Canada. Looks like we're headed in that direction down her in the US but, I suppose, it's part of the effort to reduce costs. I guess in the future I won't be able to get that MRI the same day I'm injured. Hang in there everybody. We all "feel your pain". Remember - 100% recovery is the norm not the exception.