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Instructor recommendations, Treble Cone New Zealand

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GF and I will be at Treble Cone from 3rd July this year for a few days. Looking to have a few private lessons and hoping for  recommendations for instructors for an intermediate keen to get better and an experienced but cautious skier who is a having trouble breaking out of wedges! (not me). Ideally someone who teaches the DTP method.


Doing a search I found a "AndrewR" recommended but haven't had any response there


Thought there might be a few of you guys who head south for our winter.


We will be skiing at Cardrona and Treble Cone but the published lesson rates are much cheaper at TC??.


Speaking to other people there seems to be a wide variation in instructor (teaching) ability, style and attitude so Id prefer not to take my chances in the lucky dip if I can work with narrower oddssmile.gif


Thanks for any help



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Tons of great pros at TC.  It has some of the best skiing in the southern hemispere so alot of good guys go there.


If you cant get names, request by certification level.  For example you should be able to actually get a CSIA L4 at TC....but maybe not, just depends on what else is on, but I know there are several there.  If you cant get a 4, request a L3.

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Treble Cone isn't generally seen as a good mountain for building confidence if you're stuck in a terminal wedge. Steep mountain with narrow and icy cat tracks for all the beginner, green runs mostly. Great if you can ski well and they have fresh snow. Cardrona is a much better beginner hill and the ski school is very good there and I doubt if it is more expensive than Treble Cone.

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Forgot to say ask for Biff at Cardrona. He's a great teacher and a bit of a legend. Hails from Vermont and the man can ride anything, front flips with telemark skis on. Not bad for someone who has been skiing for over 50 years.

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Thanks for the feedback, I was surprised TC was dearer than Cardies but according to their websites we can get an early bird lesson for 2 people at TC for $90 vs $115 + $35 for 2nd person at Cardrona.


I've had similar feedback about TC in the past being mainly an advanced mountain  but we spent our last 2 trips at Cardrona and are keen for some different terrain. The deals with free lift passes from JUcy car rentals tipped us towards TC even though the Remarkables sounds like it may be more suited.


Ive only skied for a total of 8 days but towards the end of the last trip it started to come together and I was carving most of the blues at Cardrona with the occasional crash but I was on 150 rental skis (I'm 6'1) and boots which were 3 sizes too large. Are the blues at TC that much harder than the blues at Cardrona?  I'm up for a challenge but don't want to die just yet!


Our itinery is 4 days at Cardrona, 5 days at TC and 3 at Mt Hutt, the idea is to get our "ski legs" back at Cardona before heading to TC. Maybe I shouldnt be so tight and spring for a couple of private lessons at Cardona. My partner has skied more than I have but is stuck in as you say a "terminal wedge" but she still was in complete control on all the blues at Cardrona (unlike me)

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This thread should probably be shifted out of this forum but very quickly, TC is much more of a big mountain experience than Cardrona. The blue runs are a bit steeper but entirely manageable if you've got a few skills. It's the green, beginner runs that are fairly limited at TC.  Very different hills but that Juicy car rental deal is mouth watering good. All season long you see Juicy cars dumped along the Cardrona Valley as people cash in on the free TC pass deal.

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Andrew Sudworth - CSIA Level 3, CSCF 2 CSIA Examiner....He's a good shout, and a good friend of mine!

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Sorry his partner is also there, never skiied with her but she's got the same Certs: Julia Laycock


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The director of the Ski School at Treble Cone is Klaus Mair, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better dude to ski with for you and/or significant other. I speak from experience and you can check different forums here on epic, man was reportedly "a legend" at Mammoth, at is based in the winter now at Zurs, Austria. He was tremendous with my son, and with me. Going that far, Klaus is about as close to a sure thing. Good Luck. 

Check out their website, they have private programs setup at pretty good prices (I have never been to NZ, would like to but in this life, who knows, its a tossup if it will happen, so you folks are lucky for sure)

And yes, this is the same guy, who is the producer of the Sofa Ski School video, and I heard he started ski camps too in Treble Cone..



Anyway, have fun, its got to be an adventure


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Dear Mauricem,

we have a great team of highly certified coaches from all over the world at TC and if you plan to do more than just one lesson you could also take advantage of our multi day discounts which are great value.

I obviously have to disagree that TC is mainly an advanced mountain. No question that we have some of the best terrain in the area but we also have great slopes to take people from Green to Black.

Regarding your instructor, I am happy to assist you with finding the perfect coach. Just email me or send me a private message here.

See you in TC!


@dustyfog: What do you mean “its a tossup”? I am disappointed. Greets from Aut! ;)

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