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Chile -best for skier and non-skiing spouse

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I want to ski Chile and need some help. My spouse does not ski, I'm an older but advanced skier, former patroller. Looking for most options for her like spa, other
activities, most vertical for me...
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tough one......  maybe Bariloche'. Probably best access to a real town and tourist type activities.

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I agree with Finndog, Argentina would be a bit easier in terms of finding activities for your wife while you log some vert.


Towns like San Martin de Los Andes (where Cerro Chapelco is based) and San Carlos de Bariloche (where Cerro Catedral Alta Patagonia is based)  are busy tourist towns that have plenty to do off the mountain. Bariloche has roughly 130,000 residents last I checked.


Be careful of where you choose though. If you ever took a non-skiing wife to Las Lenas, it might not be a pretty outcome! Las Lenas is amazing skiing when you hit it right, but has very little to offer off the mountain and is very remote in the Andes.


If Chile is where you have decided to go for this summer I would suggest an itinerary that allowed you and your wife to travel a bit around the country and not just stay in the 3 Valleys area just outside of Santiago.

I would plan a loop of El Colorado or Valle Nevado, La Parva, Portillo, and even Chillan in the south depending on how much time you have.  With the proper planning you can log a ton of vert, check out a bunch of varied terrain and have a bunch of activities set up for your wife in each stop.


Feel free to email me with any specific questions, I am happy to help. I love skiing in South America!








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In Chile:

- Portillo (for the spa, pool activities).


In Argentina:

- Skiing at Cerro Catedral and staying in Bariloche. Big town with many things to do.


To a lesser extent, Ski Chapelco and the town of San Martin Los Andes. Personally, my wife wouldn't like this type of town.  




Pucon (Chile) would have a number of non-skiing activities, however skiing the lifts at Pucon is pretty limiting. Although I can say that skiing a smoking volcano is pretty cool.


Termas de Chillan (called Nevados de Chillan ? now): Casino, termas bath (like Pucon).





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i;d recommend Bariloche/Cerro Catedral as well. when you are not skiing, you could go hiking, zip lining or explore the town.  they even have a small casino. 


plus with the dollar to peso conversion rate, you can live like a king and eat steak every day!

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The above comments are good.  Bariloche would be best for the non-skier and Las Lenas the worst.  But be warned that Bariloche's snow reliability is not good.  Patrick took off for better snow farther south in Argentina, but those places would be less enjoyable for the non-skier.


The Chile resorts are more like Las Lenas, up high in the mountains with not that much to do for non skiers more than a couple of days.  Nonetheless I do not recommend day commuting from Santiago especially on public transit.  Day commuting from Los Andes to Portillo (or Arpa cat skiing) is not quite as bad, and there was a nice hot spring resort in Los Andes, Termas de Jahuel, that we visited after skiing one day.  Otherwise I'd split the Chile time between ski resorts and other places.  We did a day trip to Valparaiso and 2 days in the Colchagua Valley wine country.  The Colchagua valley is between Santiago and Chillan. 

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