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WTB: Junior GS and SL Race Skis

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Looking for new or used GS (135-143cm) and SL (128-133cm) for my J5 racer/daughter....Fischer, Head or Elan skis preferred. Thanks in advance for your suggestions or leads. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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If you're open to Atomics (and I don't know what else they may have) try Cupolo Sports. I just got a pair of Atomic 9.16s from them in a 130 for my daughter, seemed like a very reasonable price, and I got the impression there were more in stock. (Check on e-Bay, they sell there as well). They are a pleasure to deal with long-distance; quick email replies, quick and well-packed shipping, and good follow-through. And even better, they're an EpicSki sponsor and (ship free to members).

More on Cupolo: http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...=001141#000000
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Junior race skis are all over eBay. With a J5, I'd avoid anything with a lifter, but other than that I would say look for overall quality vs brand. Most of the manufacturers make stamped-out, mass-produced junior skis that really don't hold up well and don't perform. Most of them also offer some really nice junior skis. Of the brands I saw this year, I was reallt impressed with the quality of the Atomic SL9jr (the SL11 has a lifter) in particular, and some of the offerings from Blizzard and Fischer were right up there as well. The edge finish and overall quality was really impressive. It's always nice when the bases are relatively flat and the edges are evenly attached and level with the base.

One of the ski magazines did a review of last year's junior race skis, so that would be a good reference. A J5 really doesn't need a race ski- they need a good-quality ski to develop skills on.
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I've got a pair of 2003 140cm Head GS team with a Free flex 8+ (DIN 3.5 to 12) binding and lifter. The lifter is the plastic one that comes the production Head Slalom ski. These skis really belong to the rep but He is probably willing to sell them. These skis were loaned to our team in February and we put only 4-5 days on them.
Skis are in good shape. Edges need to be cleaned up. Bases are good with no repairs needed. The Base grind looks like the original factory base structure. You could probably take a stone clean up the edges, buff the bases, wax and be ready to race.

Give me an offer/price range and I'll see if the rep has a pair of slalom skis also.

You could also post a want ad for race skis on
click on Buy/sell equipment
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