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EpicSki's Sister Sites

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If you've been hanging out at EpicSki long, you know that we joined forces in 2009 with a technical partner called Huddler to co-develop a new forum platform. Since then we've been joined by many sister sites, including the following great forums -- as you click through, enjoy the deja vu! 


Home Theater Forum Videophiles

Kickrunners Runners

Mothering Parenting

HotStockMarket Stock Market

ChefTalk Foodies

MakeUpTalk Beauty

BlossomSwap Gardening

TheSandTrap Golf

Head-Fi Audiophiles

SaltWaterFish Aquarium culture

DenimBlog Jeans

CyclingForums Bicycling

NotebookForums Computing

Smoking Meat Forums Dedicated to the art of smoking meat



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I couldn't imagine a forum about jeans, so I took a look.  Our gear heads at Epic don't hold a candle to these gals.  There is a thread about how much people have paid for a pair of jeans and there are several replies of $400.  I haven't paid that much for a pair of SKIS!


Also, there was a set of four numbered questions that were asked in the OP.  Every last respondent answered every question with numbered answers.  So polite.  Not so much like around here.

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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post

So polite.  Not so much like around here.

May 9, 2011


Hi Posaune:


Wonder what type of reception some of the more "earthy" Bears or TGR Gapers would receive on the Jean forum eek.gifroflmao.gif.


Don't forget about snow nonono2.gif




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