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These boards have a grand total of one (count 'em) day on them.  A friend of mine bought them for his daughter at the end of last season.  She experienced one of those teenaged girl growth spurts over the summer and outgrew them almost before she ever got on them.  They're drilled for Marker Barons (not included).


$250, you pay the shipping.  


I'm on these same skis as my go-to quiver workhorse, and they're a whole lot of fun.  Rockered tip, traditional tail, very forgiving ski.  With 102mm under foot they provide great float when you need it, and are stable enough to help you manage less-than-optimal snow conditions.  They're lightweight enough for a dedicated backcountry ski but are versatile enough to be a "quiver of one" inbounds, as well.


This is a screaming deal if you're lucky enough that they'll fit you.  PM me if you're interested.


Here's SKI Magazine's review: