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SMJ, not sure what happened with the communication between your Doc and PT, but the experience I had with a PT who was doing therapy that the doc didn't particularly think was a good idea, the PT was right and the long term affects were great.  Is it possible that the doc is being overly cautious and the PT is helping you build it up so the you don't have a reoccurrence?

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Hmm. Not to be alarming, but it sounds like you got screwed, my man. Now I'll indulge myself in a rant.

The surgeon may have messed up, but I would be pretty shocked if there weren't a really clear PT protocol with SLAP tears, and it seems pretty obvious that a biceps tendon reattachment would make any over-the-head movement taboo until all the inflammation was relieved, unless it were a PT-applied stretch while you were lying down. For instance, I used the pulley strictly for ROM, with the entire lift coming from the un-injured arm and none from the other shoulder at all. The surgeon should have explained the injuries and repairs and which protocol to apply to a competent PT, and she shouldn't have been working with you if she didn't have the training to do the exercises right no matter what the surgeon told her. Really, she sounds pretty lame.

Once you get approved for more PT you may want to shop really carefully for a new therapist with specialized training and/or experience with all three injuries and surgeries, because you're going to have to make up for someone's incompetence. If you're concerned about your surgeon too you could look for another specialist to get you back on track. Perhaps look for a PT group that specializes in treating sports injuries. Mine worked with Olympic athletes in Park City, so all of them were great with the kind of hurts you have.
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good healing and a fast and full recovery to all!  It sucks but it is what it is and you have 90 days or so to get it back together! 



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I had the same limit on my PT SMJ!  That really sucks!!!!  I was really motivated to get better and did it on my own.  You'll be the same way I'm sure! 


Good luck and I'm sending positive healing vibes your way!  :D


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Yeah I do wonder litterbug. Thing is I've had an easy go of it otherwise. I don't have any inflammation, have had pretty much no pain for weeks (except when using it wrong) have excellent range of motion and in all ways am healing very well - except for the front raises. The PT seems good and so I'm not sure if maybe I showed enough ability that she thought it was OK.

I still don't have any pain and don't feel as if I re-injured it, but who knows. The surgeon said pain is not the best indicator that it can be injured and not hurt.

We'll see what the MRI says. I am definitely worried and annoyed - hence getting copies of all my medical records. If my life is messed up by an error (another surgery, limited healing) I may need to go after the HMO for some compensation - although I'm definitely not into that kind of thing.
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She's the head of the department and a full PT with a Masters btw.
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MRI wednesday - surgeon today.

My RC has torn again. He said due to the condition of my tissue and the size of my tear that the failure rate is 75%. Didn't admit that the PT could have caused or contributed to this.

Said another surgery has a less then 50/50 chance of working. Shoulder replacement or a procedure where they take part of your lats and replace the tendon with it (open shoulder not arthroscopy) is a possibility now or down the road.

Thinks with PT I may regain reasonable abilities, but limited and may eventually develop arthritis or worse.

Not a happy camper needless to say.
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That doesn't sound fun at all. I guess there are always second opinions, right? I didn't even know a shoulder replacement is an option - at least you have options. Bummed for you though, tough to weigh those kind of options.

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Well that would be down the road a long bit. For now it's PT and hope that the limited strength I can regain from it is enough for my life moving forward. At least it's my non-dominant arm.
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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post

At least it's my non-dominant arm.

If it wasn't before, it is now!

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Bummed about the MRI results.  Hope you get some kind or ROM and healing to be able to do "normal" activities. 

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Sorry to hear about this, SMJ

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Sorry to hear about your poor outcome.  Hope your rehab can reduce the effect.

I think this is a good example of why getting confirming info on the internet is a reasonable approach (as much as some members who are doctors hate the idea).

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Thanks everyone.
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Sorry to hear about the shoulder SMJ! 

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