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custom boots

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Dear boot experts


I live on the east coast and am looking to get new boots.  I have been using Nordica beasts and when they were selected for me I was told I should use a relatively soft boot (I think due to both limited flexibility and mediocre skill level).  They have greatly packed out and have a few other problems (worn soles, damaged buckle) and so will be replaced.  I know from cycling shoe fitting that my left foot is longer and narrower, and right foot is shorter and wider. Left leg is approx 6mm shorter than right.    I always had a sloppy right heel in the boots (even with some Intuition liners I had tried).  I have been looking at custom boots, both Strolz and Daleboot.  There is a shop near Sugarloaf Maine whose owner has a good reputation as a bootfitter and is a Daleboot dealer, and another hour of driving will take me to the Strolz dealer in NH.  I hear that the Daleboots can be canted on the soles, but the Strolz dealer only does cuff alignment (but says that with the custom liners that is all most people need).    I realize you can't make proper recommendations without seeing me and I wish I could travel for boot work, but does this story sound like maybe one or the other would be more likely to suit me?  I mostly ski on piste, hardpack, perpetual intermediate skier (occasionally on the blacks, but easy to go out of control, especially with slightly wobbly right foot).  6'1, 180 lbs and knock-kneed. One thing I wonder: are Daleboots better suited for west coast skiing (soft snow, deep powder) than eastern hardpack?


Thank you for any guidance you could give me

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every skier needs a boot that fits then,  east or west, young or old.


why not do a trip, and check out both the stores, and see what kind of vibe you get from them.  Odds are either can find a boot for you, and then do some custom work to make it better.

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I agree with mntlion. Boots must fit regardless of were you ski. Both boots are great options.. Strolz and Daleboot. We sell Daleboot at our store and fit plenty of people who ski mainly in the East and have had great success with the fit and performance. We do like the cantable sole option Daleboot provides.

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